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Chapter 3170: Sky Devil, Rui Ze (3)

The objective was easily achieved!

Jing Zhihai went wild with joy inside but his expression remained extremely calm.

“Many thanks to both for the reminder. After the mission is accomplished, we will definitely thank you properly!”

“Enough, stop wasting time on nonsense. Quickly head insider! Remember, if you provoke Lord Rui Ze, we will not step out to save you! Take care of yourselves!” The two guards hurriedly dissociate themselves.

Jing Zhihai might be thanking them on the surface, but he kept sneering in his heart.

These two guards were afraid of being implicated, so they would definitely stay far, far away from this place immediately.

This suited Jing Zhihai and the others’ intention totally!

Later when Sky Devil Rui Ze’s injured and dropped a realm, besieging him would take some time. If a large number of Earth Devil guards came over to save him, they wouldn’t be able to handle all of them at all!

Things were great now. Even if the guards heard the commotion, they would assume that Rui Ze flew into a rage as he was awoken, and was torturing them to vent his anger!

After the two guards left, Jing Zhihai and his group coerced the black-robed devil to lead the way.

“Move, quickly! Bring us over to where Rui Ze is right now!”

“Even the guards are gone now, so no one can save you. You can forget about playing any tricks!”

“As long as you show signs of slipping up, we will immediately kill you!”

The black-robed devil said with fear and trepidation, “Yes, yes, I don’t dare to play any tricks. I’ll lead the way right now!”

The topography of the cave that Sky Devil Rui Ze chose had multiple forks and corners, like a maze.

When those two guards left, they had already deactivated the majority of the mechanisms and traps in the maze. But if there wasn’t someone who knew the route well to lead them, it would still be easy to get lost.

Commander Hua was the timidest person in the group.

Seeing them walking deeper and deeper within, the complicated paths made him worried.

“Old Jing, Old Jian, this… isn’t this route a little complicated? How are we going to leave after we complete this mission?”

Hearing him ask such a dispiriting question, Jing Zhihai snorted in displeasure.

“As long as we can kill Rui Ze, what’s there to worry about leaving this place? We can just grab one of the guards and force him to tell us the way out! There aren’t many in the demon tribe who are loyal. After their lord is dead, they will surely be worried about saving their own skins and will tell us everything!”

Commander Jian also said, “There’s no point in thinking too much about this. You’d better prepare yourself. Later, we must spare no effort and use our strongest killer move to kill him at one go!”

Commander Hua immediately nodded to express his understanding when he heard that.

Just as the three of them were whispering in muted tones, the black-robed guard suddenly stopped.

“We’re here. Lord Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation location is right up ahead…”

Hearing that, the three of them jolted, hurriedly kept their mouths shut, and looked straight ahead.

At the end of the maze was a plot of vacant land surrounded by various crystal ores. In the center of the vacant land was a complex but magnificent crystal stage, where a tall devil was seated on it.

This devil’s features were attractive with a muscular figure. The devil mark on his face nicely reflected a dangerous yet mysterious temperament. Just based on looks alone could differentiate him from ordinary devils.

Moreover, dense Sky Devil Rui Ze’s demonic Qi was slowly expanding around him. It felt as though he was enveloped in smoke, his appearance partially hidden.