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Chapter 3171: Sky Devil, Rui Ze (4)

“Sirs, that is Lord Rui Ze! There’s no mechanism here so the three of you can just go over,” said the black-robed devil respectfully.

Jing Zhihai had a suspicious nature and didn’t quite believe his words.

“Really? There’s no mechanism? Then you walk forward first!”

The black-robed devil was helpless, so he could only walk lightly ahead.

When he was just 10 meters away from Sky Devil Rui Ze, Jing Zhihai stopped him.

“Stop! You can come back now. Looks like there really isn’t any danger, so we will go over ourselves! I’m warning you! When we take action, you’d best treat yourself as a dead person. If you dare to wreak havoc, we’ll definitely crush you!”

The black-robed devil looked terrified. “I will absolutely not dare to wreak havoc! I’ve already betrayed the demon tribe by leading you here. Only by following you three Sirs will I be able to survive!”

“It’s good that you know!” Jing Zhihai nodded satisfactorily.

He knew that the black-robed devil was speaking the truth!

He had already brought three allied armies’ Commanders to Sky Devil Rui Ze’s cave. If the demon tribe were to discover the black-robed devil’s crime, they would surely turn him into a blood devil pill alive! There was no way that he wouldn’t be afraid of such a consequence!

So Jing Zhihai felt that he had the upper hand.

But never in his wildest dreams did he expect the black-robed devil’s lips to curve into a merciless sneer at the moment they turned around.

He thought inwardly, “Lowly humans who overestimate yourselves! I wonder who will be the one to be crushed!”

Jing Zhihai and the two didn’t see what was happening behind them, and neither could they be bothered to pay any attention to an ordinary devil who led the way.

All their attention was focused on Sky Devil Rui Ze, who was in front of them!

It had been a relatively long time since they entered the cave until now. But Sky Devil Rui Ze didn’t move at all, like a sculpture. It seemed as though he totally didn’t detect their arrival.

This meant that Rui Ze was fully immersed in his advancing process, and was not affected by the outer world.

This state was the optimal state for cultivating. One’s speed of cultivation would also be raised several times under this state.

But at the same time, it was also the most dangerous state!

As they were defenseless against the outer world, it would be a direct hit if anyone were to launch a surprise attack at them right now!

Jing Zhihai and the two Commanders interacted with their gazes and walked forward.

Everyone was feeling extremely anxious. Although the three of them were considered to be veterans, it was still their first time facing a Sky Devil grade strong exponent after all!

They might have mentally prepared themselves over and over again, but cold sweat involuntarily filled their foreheads. Even their hands and feet were icy cold.

The three of them walked lightly and quietly, carefully approaching Rui Ze. At the same time, they went around his back.

When they were just five meters away from Rui Ze, the three of them stopped in their tracks.

Their hearts were pounding wildly.

“This is the make-or-break moment!”

“Our future honor and achievements are all dependent on this instant!”

Jing Zhihai lifted his right hand and made a gesture.

“Take action!”

The three of them drew out their weapons, and their aura instantly spiked to the max. They executed their most powerful Profound Skill, hurling it at Rui Ze’s back consecutively!