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Chapter 3169: Sky Devil, Rui Ze (2)

“Oh? Really?” The guard said suspiciously, “I didn’t see you bring anyone else over in the past?”

The black-robed devil explained, “Today our campsite had been surrounded by the allied armies and I can’t escape by myself! Previously I had a few comrades who broke through the siege with me, but in the end, only the four of us are left…”

The guard nodded upon hearing that and looked at Jing Zhihai. “What did you want to say earlier?”

Jing Zhihai felt extremely unhappy that two devils were looking disdainfully at him. But they were now at the demon tribe’s turf, so no matter how unhappy he was, he could only bear with it!

“Two Sirs, This Subordinate knows that you’re afraid that after you woke Lord Rui Ze up, Lord Rui Ze will vent his anger on you… This Subordinate doesn’t like to implicate the both of you. Why not… let us go in ourselves to wake Lord Rui Ze instead? In this way, if our Lord were to fly into a rage from being woken up, it wouldn’t implicate the both of you.”

He lowered his head and earnestly offered his suggestion.

“How will that do??”

“Lord Rui Ze had already instructed us long ago that we can’t let any outsiders in!”

The two guards’ first reaction was to oppose firmly!

However, Jing Zhihai was already prepared and tried to persuade them further. “This is just a stop-gap measure! If Lord Rui Ze were to find out that Lord Rui Xuan is in critical danger when he awakes, he would definitely be in a hurry to save him and not blame the person who informs him about this! But he had just awoken from his closed door and his consciousness might still be unclear. So there is a possibility that he might kill someone to vent his anger!”

“If we implicate both of you because of this, we will feel very apologetic over this!”

“If you let us go wake Lord Rui Ze up, he might lose his rationality momentarily and kill us. It has nothing to do with both of you! When he wakes up and saves Lord Rui Xuan, he wouldn’t blame the both of you. Perhaps, he might even reward you!”

Jing Zhihai had a glib tongue and the devils were enthralled by him.

After hearing his analysis, the two guards were instantly enticed.

“We don’t need to take any risks and can establish merit… this is rather simple! There’s no reason for us to oppose this.”


One of the guards was still worried. Although Jing Zhihai spoke with reason, somehow he felt that something was wrong somewhere.

He thought about it and asked, “That’s not right. If the few of you report on this, wouldn’t you die instead? Why are you so kind-hearted?”

A majority of the demon tribe was relatively selfish. They wouldn’t be so foolish as to do such a selfless thing!

Jing Zhihai looked sincere and said, “This Subordinate had once been saved by Lord Ruizuan, so my life belongs to him! Now that Lord Rui Xuan is in peril, as long as we can find someone to save him in time, even if you want me to die right now, I am willing to do so!”

His acting skills were so genuine.

The demon tribe rarely saw such a good actor and was instantly deceived by him.

Even those cold-blooded guards were slightly touched by his act.

“This… I can understand your feelings. It’s no problem to let you in! But Lord Rui Ze’s temper has always been bad. If you want to save yourselves, you must remember to speak softly when you wake him. Spend a little more time, and don’t rush things!”

Not only did the guards agree, they even specially offered some suggestions.