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Chapter 3168: Sky Devil, Rui Ze (1)

The black-robed devil responded, “Lord Rui Ze is cautious by nature so he has set up an invisibility array at the cave entrance which is very hard to tell. I recognize the way because I was brought here once by Lord Rui Xuan.”

Commander Hua and Commander Jian were on the black-robed devil’s left and right sides while the devil was in between them. They followed him and proceeded to walk forward.

They were doing this because they were afraid that the black-robed devil would regret his actions en route to the cave and expose their identities.

They could only do this. If the devil said something that he should not be saying, they would immediately end his life!

Luckily, the black-robed devil behaved and quickly led them to a vacant space that was filled with vines.

He stood firmly on the vacant land and raised his voice to shout, “This Subordinate is sent over by Lord Rui Xuan from the northern campsite. I must report extremely important military information, please open the door for me!”

Shortly after, a few thick vines suddenly shrank towards both sides, revealing a huge cave entrance in the middle.

Jing Zhihai and the others then realized that this cave was concealed by the array!

No wonder Li Yukun sent his scouts several times to check but wasn’t able to find the exact location of Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation.

Two tall devil guards walked out of the cave. They were both Earth Devil mid-phase grade.

These two people apparently recognized the black-robed devil and greeted him in a familiar sense. Then they asked, “Why have you suddenly come? Isn’t there still another half a month before the designated blood pill delivery date?”

Under the three God clan top exponents’ coercive gazes, the black-robed didn’t dare to talk nonsense. He could only give a simple reply like what Jing Zhihai had instructed from the start.

“The northern campsite is in trouble! Lord Rui Xuan wants me to hurry over to report to Lord Rui Ze!”

Rui Ze’s guards instantly frowned upon hearing that and looked extremely displeased.

“What trouble? It’s the most crucial moment for Lord Rui Ze right now! He had already given instructions that no matter what happens, no one is allowed to disturb him from cultivating!”

“You’d better go back. Lord Rui Ze will not see you!”

The black-robed man said anxiously, “But… but, Brothers, if Lord Rui Ze doesn’t help, Lord Rui Xuan will likely die! Lord Rui Xuan had already been injured by the allied armies’ Divine Lieutenant and our campsite is under siege. The moment the campsite is breached, Lord Rui Xuan will surely be a goner for sure!”

“What? How can this be?”

“Lord Rui Xuan is also at the strength of a Sky Devil. Who has such great ability to force him to this step?”

The black-robed devil emphasized, “Everything that This Subordinate said is true! If anything happened to Lord Rui Xuan, you won’t be able to explain to Lord Rui Ze as well, right?”

Hearing that, the guards looked as though they were in a dilemma.

Rui Ze had strictly told them not to interrupt him. If they allow the black-robed devil to enter, they would get into deep trouble if Rui Ze were to blame them!

But Rui Xuan was Lord Rui Ze’s biological younger brother, after all. If the former was killed by the allied armies and Lord Rui Ze found out about this afterward, he might vent his anger on them for not informing him about this!

Anyway, no matter what they did, they would be punished terribly!

Seeing those guards in a dilemma, Jing Zhihai suddenly spoke. “Two Sirs, I have a suggestion. You see…”

“Who are you?” The two guards’ cold gaze landed on Jing Zhihai.

The black-robed devil hurriedly explained, “This is… my comrade from the army…”