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Chapter 3167: Establish A Greater Merit (5)

They subconsciously felt that there was a bit of reason in Jing Zhihai’s idea.

“Old Jing, how confident are you about those things that you’ve just said?”

Jing Zhihai proclaimed, “I am very certain about this. As long as we can find a chance to attack Sky Devil Rui Ze who is in closed door cultivation, he will definitely drop by a realm!”

Commander Hua thought about it but still felt a little worried.

“But Rui Ze isn’t a fool! He will guard against other people from attacking him as well! So, as a Sky Devil, he should have set up various arrays around the cave when he is in closed door cultivation. There will also be various guards protecting him, no?”

Jing Zhihai nodded and said, “So, there’s a god-sent opportunity right now!”

“You mean…” Commander Hua seemed to have caught the gist of it.

Jing Zhihai said, “Wasn’t that black-robed devil on his way to seek Sky Devil Rui Ze for help? We will disguise as his comrades and go with him! We need to bring a few more pieces of Earth Devil’s devil stones and we will be able to disguise ourselves as a devil for a short time. By then, we will be able to enter Rui Ze’s closed door location and we will…”

He blinked and a cold glint flashed past his eyes!

“…use all our might to attack Sky Devil Rui Ze’s dantian and try to make him drop by a realm! This will be the time when he is the weakest. The serious his injury at this time, the greater the impact of the effect on his strength! After that, we will take the opportunity before he regains consciousness, do our best to attack him, and try to kill him at one go!”

Commander Hua and Commander Jing’s hearts jumped! They were stunned by his bold and meticulous planning!

But they were more or less still very doubtful.

“If we go according to this plan, if we want to deceive Rui Ze’s guards, we will not be able to bring the others alone. That would be… only the three of us. This…”

Jing Zhihai didn’t feel that this was a problem.

“We are going to deal with a Sky Devil grade strong practitioner. If we bring practitioners whose cultivations are much lower than ours, even if they go, they wouldn’t be of much help! There’s no difference if we bring them along or not!”

Seeing the two of them still hesitating, he couldn’t help but continue to urge.

“Have you decided yet? This is such a good opportunity. We might not be able to come across another chance again! I’m just waiting for a reply from you, go or not!”

Commander Hua and Commander Jian exchange a glance. In the end, they clenched their teeth hard.


“Forget it, let’s bet on this!”

“Great! That’s wonderful! Let’s hurry over while it’s still dark. If dawn breaks, our disguise will easily be discovered by the demon tribe!” Jing Zhihai said and led the way in front.

“Hmpf, this time, I must establish greater merit that will stun the entire God Realm! I must trample that brat surnamed Li hard!”

Jing Zhihai’s eyes were glowing with coldness.

The three of them finished their preparations and changed into loose capes to cover their faces. At the same time, they took more than three pieces of Earth Devil’s devil stones with them.

The black-robed devil originally was a weakling who bullied those who were weaker than himself. Under Jing Zhihai and the others’ coercion, he didn’t hesitate to betray the demon tribe’s top exponent to save himself!

Jing Zhihai, his two friends, and the black-robed devil set off in the night and ran towards the cave where Sky Devil Rui Ze was in closed door cultivation.

The distance from the cave was not very far from the location where Jing Zhihai and the others were hiding in ambush. It only took less than an hour before the devil leading the way slowed down.

“We’re here. It’s just around here. Three Lords, let’s get off the horse and walk over,” said the black-robed devil.

Jing Zhihai frowned, “We’re here? Why can’t I see any cave?”