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Chapter 3166: Establish A Greater Merit (4)

Jing Zhihai saw that they were wavering and hurriedly took a step forward to entice them further, “Think about it. If we were to return to the campsite like this, what kind of taunting would we suffer when we face Li Yuehuang? Even if he doesn’t say anything, can you handle the ordinary soldiers’ mocking gazes? I know I can’t!”

He paused for a moment and said, “But what if we were to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze, or at least seriously injure him? Then our standing will be completely different! Killing a Sky Devil mid-phase devil, do you know how much military merits will we get? We will be promoted directly to a 3 star Divine Lieutenant, at the very least!”

Jing Zhihai really knew how to grab a person’s weak point.

The things he said would tempt any high-ranking military officer in the allied armies.

On the battlefield against the demon tribe, there were less than 10 Sky Devils that would be killed each year!

That was exactly why Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi killing Sky Devil Rui Xuan would make anyone jealous over the great military merit that they had attained!

Whereas among the 10 Sky Devils, the majority of them were in Sky Devil early-phase. It was very rare to kill one in Sky Devil mid-phase. Sometimes, it might even take several years to get a chance to kill one!

If they were to take the opportunity to kill the weakened Sky Devil Rui Ze while he was trying to break through, then this feat would definitely instantly spread throughout the entire God Realm. They would become heroes that everyone in the allied armies admired!


Commander Hua might be tempted, but he maintained a trace of rationality.

He said hesitantly, “This… what you say might be reasonable, but there is a very important crucial problem! If we want to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze, it has to be on the pretext that he interrupted his closed door and dropped a realm. But how can you guarantee that he will surely fall by a realm? Perhaps when he comes out of his closed door and in the end his meridians are just a little injured, we will be finished by then!”

Commander Jian also nodded upon hearing that, “That’s right, we won’t be able to escape by then!”

Jing Zhihai smiled mysteriously.

“I have a way to solve this!”

“You even have a way to solve this??” The two Commanders’ eyes widened in shock!

Jing Zhihai said, “Of course, I had once read an ancient record relating to some insider details about closed door cultivation. The severity of their injuries for those practitioners who break out of their closed door cultivation and fail in their advancement would mainly depend on the impact that they suffered from the outside world.”

“If a soft approach was taken by knocking or using other sounds to wake the practitioner behind closed door, that person would generally not suffer serious injury. At most, a few of their meridians would be damaged. Resting for a few days would do.”

“But if his closed door fails because of severe commotion, there is a certain probability of him entering the Qi deviation! But if Rui Ze were to go into Qi deviation, it would be even dangerous for us because he would disregard everything and attack everything that appears in his surroundings!”

“The last kind is if they suffer an attack from an external force during their closed door or even injure their meridians, that is the most serious type of situation! Even if the practitioner behind closed doors doesn’t die immediately, he would be severely impacted and might even drop a realm!”

Hearing Jing Zhihai’s words, Commander Hua and Commander Jian’s eyes widened like full moons.

This was the first time they heard this kind of theory.

All they knew usually was that practitioners could not be interrupted during their closed door cultivations. Whereas for them, when they went into closed door cultivation, they would choose to return to their clan’s headquarters because no one would disturb them there.

So they didn’t know much about the situation where someone failed in their closed door cultivation.