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Chapter 3165: Establish A Greater Merit (3)

When he spoke about this, Jing Zhihai intentionally paused for a moment to create a climax.

As expected, Commander Hua and Commander Jian were drawn to this topic and hurriedly leaned closer to ask, “What idea? What idea? We’re already at this step, what other ideas do you have to reverse the situation?”

Jing Zhihai suppressed his tone and slowly said, “This idea is… to create a bigger merit than what Li Yuehuang had done!”

“An even bigger merit?”

“What merit? What bigger merit could there be to kill a Sky Devil and eradicate an entire campsite?”

Commander Hua and Commander Jian asked urgently in unison.

Jing Zhihai said mysteriously, “Is there even a need to ask? That’s— to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze!”

Hearing this reply, Commander Hua and Commander Jian went into a blank. Apparently, they couldn’t respond to what they had just heard!

When they finally returned to their senses, they instantly let out a cry of surprise.

“What? What did you say??”

“Old Jing, y…y…you… have you gone mad?”

Jing Zhihai sneered and said, “Look at the both of you, why are you such a disappointment? I merely said that we should go kill Sky Devil Rui Ze and you’re trembling in fear! Just this, how do you even find the cheek to compete with Li Yuehuang?”

Commander Hua’s face flushed white and hurriedly persuaded, “Old Jing, you… don’t ever be impulsive! You are thinking of dealing with Sky Devil Rui Ze? Li Yuehuang might have killed his brother Rui Xuan, but he is merely in Sky Devil early-phase. Moreover, he was even injured by Divine Lieutenant before this! Otherwise, that Li Yuehuang wouldn’t hold such capability at all!”

Commander Jian also said, “Rui Ze’s strength is much higher than Rui Xuan’s by many times! He is in Sky Devil mid-phase and moreover, he’s currently in mid-phase peak state. As long as he conquers the current bottleneck, he will advance into Sky Devil end-phase! Just based on a few Heart Profound Realm practitioners like us… that’s no different from committing suicide!”

Jing Zhihai heard them trying to dissuade him, but he didn’t think much of it.

“I say, the two of you really don’t have any ambition at all! That’s right, we are indeed only in the Heart Profound Realm. But did you even think about this? Li Yuehuang and his good friend’s cultivations are only Dream Profound Realm mid-phase! If they can kill a Sky Devil early-phase, then why can’t we kill a Sky Devil mid-phase?”

Commander Hua’s forehead was tightly creased, “This… this is different! Sky Devil Rui Xuan was severely injured…”

“Rui Xuan is injured, but Rui Ze is not any better. Isn’t he currently in his process of closed door cultivation to break through his realm? If those practitioners in closed door cultivation who are on the verge of a breakthrough were to be interrupted, it would result in their meridians being damaged at the very least. For severe consequences, they might even go into Qi deviation. For the extremely serious ones, it would lead to a drop in their cultivation realm!”

“If he was alarmed by us and his realm drops, wouldn’t his cultivation into Sky Devil early-phase? Li Yuehuang and the others managed to kill Sky Devil early-phase based on their Dream Profound Realm mid-phase cultivation. Whereas for the three of us, we are much higher than Li Yuehuang by a whole big realm! How can you still say that we are dreaming to kill a Sky Devil early-phase?”

Hearing that, Commander Hua and Commander Jian went silent simultaneously.

Jing Zhihai’s speech was plausible. It sounded logical but somehow still made one feel uneasy. Somehow, they just can’t tell what exactly was amiss.

But the things he said had the power to instigate them. Even though they knew that something was wrong, they couldn’t help but find a reason to wish that what they said was the genuine truth!