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Chapter 3164: Establish A Greater Merit (2)

Commander Hua didn’t expect Jing Zhihai to stop him from killing the devil.

Jing Zhihai showed him a gaze that said “keep calm, don’t be impatient” and continued to say, “Old Hua, we, the allied armies are different from the demon tribe. If they coordinated with us to explain the battlefield situation, yet we still kill him, wouldn’t we be as violent as the demon tribe? This will not do!”

Saying that, he waved his hand at the soldiers by the side.

“Since this fellow has already explained himself, let’s just let him go. We ought to bestow kindness instead of only prestige to our enemies!”

Commander Hua and Commander Jian looked at each other in dismay, not expecting Jing Zhihai to say such things.

However, the three of them were good friends after all. Since Jing Zhihai had expressed his attitude and firmly gave the order, the two of them could not embarrass him in front of the other ordinary soldiers. So they could only hold themselves back.

The soldiers were also extremely surprised by Jing Zhihai’s decision.

But they responded with a “Yes, Sir”, and brought the black-robed devil out.

After all the soldiers had left, Commander Hua immediately spoke out in anticipation.

“I saw, Old Jing, even if you want to go against Li Yuehuang, you need not resort to this! The demon tribe is extremely sinister. You might have spared his life, but once he leaves this place alive, he will still go look for Sky Devil Rui Ze for help!”

Commander Jian also persuaded, “That’s right, what Old Hua said is right! If Sky Devil Rui Ze really comes out of his closed door, the ones who will run into bad luck are not just Li Yuehuang, but everyone on the campsite will die with him! By then, we will all be finished! Don’t let your contention overtake your emotions and come out with a decision that you will regret later on!”

Although the two of them also wanted to see Huang Yueli stumble, they weren’t capable of doing something like letting the demon tribe go!

Seeing Jing Zhihai about to commit a major mistake, the two of them started to persuade him.

Jing Zhihai frowned and hurriedly explained, “The two of you… who do you think I, Jing Zhihai, am? I might hate that Li Yuehuang, but I wouldn’t possibly do something to betray the allied armies just to go against him!”

Commander Hua heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Then I’m relieved! Looks like Old Jing, you are also sometimes negligent. The demon tribe is cunning and deceitful, we can’t let them off! Quickly instruct them to stop that devil and kill him on the spot! We should still be able to make it in time!”

Saying that, he was about to shout, “Men…”

“Wait, wait!”

Whoever knew, Jing Zhihai stood out to stop him again.

Commander Hua didn’t expect him to continue stopping him right now, and couldn’t help but flared up.

“Old Jing, what do you mean by this? Didn’t we already agree on this earlier? If you still don’t pass down your instructions, later when the soldiers really let him go, it’d be too late!”

Jing Zhihai stared at him and said, “I say, you two are so impatient. Can you finish listening to what I’ve got to say first?”

Commander Hua and Commander Jian were stunned.

“Alright, then just say it! What’s your point in doing this?”

Jing Zhihai’s lips curled into a smile, and said complacently, “You think I’m really going to let that devil go? I’m just using him to lead the way for us!”

“Lead the way? What do you mean?” Commander Jian asked with a lost look.

Jing Zhihai said, “Li Yuehuang killed Sky Devil Rui Xuan and had already snatched the biggest merit. If we return now, we will definitely be beneath him! If we want to reverse things around and stop him, there’s only one way!”