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Chapter 3163: Establish A Greater Merit (1)

Li Yuehuang did something that they thought was unattainable once again!

This news was so shocking that Jing Zhihai and the others couldn’t say a single word.

The black-robed devil reported the demon tribe campsite’s situation with fear and trepidation.

“After Lord Rui Xuan’s corpse was found, our campsite became extremely disoriented. But immediately following that, various mechanisms in the campsite were damaged one after another, and the allied armies’ soldiers attacked us from all directions. They started to surround us and killed our soldiers…”

“I finally found a hiding place but in the end, I was discovered by my Commander. He instructed me to rush to the southeast location where Lord Rui Xuan was in closed door cultivation to ask him for help…”

“Right, before we left, there were seven to eight of us. But while trying to break out from the siege, my comrades have all died and I’m the only one who arrived at this place…”

Hearing the black-robed devil’s narration, the trio’s hearts were no less stunned. Instead, it grew more and more!

“Li Yuehuang really did it!”

“Not only did he kill the unmatchable Sky Devil Rui Xuan, he even led the troops to attack the demon tribe’s campsite!”

From the black-robed devil’s tone, the demon tribe’s campsite was in imminent danger. The devil Commanders knew they had no way to reverse the situation, hence they sent their subordinates out to seek reinforcements.

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One had to know that the demon tribe was unlike humans. Many strong practitioners from the demon tribe had irascible tempers.

Interrupting Sky Devil Rui Ze from his closed door cultivation might cause the deaths of their tribesmen from the former’s wrath!

If it wasn’t because they had no other alternative, the demon tribe practitioners would never undertake such a resort!

“Li Yuehuang… he’s actually this incredible!” Jing Zhihai clenched his fists hard!

Commander Hua and Commander Jian also started to feel flustered.

“We’re finished! Li Yuehuang has established great merit, so his reputation will surely rise when he returns to the campsite! Even Lord Diaboli General in Blessed City will give him a great commendation. Perhaps, he might be promoted to a real Divine Lieutenant immediately!”

“If he were to rise in power, how are we people going to continue in this line? He will be sure to pick on us to seek revenge!”

Jing Zhihai was already distraught, and now hearing what they said, he felt even more apprehensive.

“Enough, stop talking about it! Now that things have come to this, what else can we do to him?”

They intentionally suppressed their tones while talking.

The black-robed devil couldn’t hear their conversation clearly but could feel the anger dissipating from them. He instantly became terrified and kept kowtowing furiously.

“Lords, please spare me! I’ve already told you everything!”

Commander Hua heard his voice and sneered. “A devil landing in the allied armies’ hands hoping to survive? The only thing I can do is to let you have a quick death! Men…”

He was just about to ask his men to drag the devil out to be executed.

Suddenly, Jing Zhihai stretched out his hand to stop him. “Wait, I say… Old Hua, why are you so inhumane?”

Commander Hua jolted, “Old Jing, what’s the matter with you? Why did you say that?”

Although they were struggling for power with Huang Yueli, they were still genuine ancient god clan practitioners after all!

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They had no lesser hatred towards the demon tribe!

Hence, when they saw the devils, they would not be merciless and would try ways or means to kill the other party. To them, this was an instinct.