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Chapter 3162: Foresight (5)

Their eyes widened in shock, as they looked at the devil standing in front of them.

If it was said that they were still suspicious of this person’s identity earlier, they could not fail to recognize that this indeed was a genuine devil!

Jing Zhihai instantly felt that something was amiss. His brows rose and he asked, “Who are you? Did you come from the northern demon tribe campsite? Why have you escaped to this place in the middle of the night?”

The black-robed devil’s eyeballs rolled, as though he wanted to fabricate a lie.

Jing Zhihai snorted coldly when he saw his movements.

His aura instantly spiked out!

He was also a top talented practitioner in the White Tiger Clan, and his cultivation was already in Heart Profound Realm mid-phase. His Profound Energy’s might was much stronger than most same leveled practitioners!

The black-robed devil instantly revealed a pained expression. His mind seemed as though it was about to explode, suffering from immeasurable pain. He couldn’t take it and panted heavily as he curled up on the ground.

A while later, Jing Zhihai retracted his might and looked at the devil who was lying on the ground.

“This Commander will ask you once again. Who are you? Where did you come from? What is your objective?”

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The black-robed devil had suffered enough earlier and instantly abandoned the thought of fighting back. He kneeled on the ground and hurriedly explained the situation.

“This… This Lord, I indeed.. came from the northern campsite. My objective in coming here is actually… ughh, is to ask Lord Rui Ze who is in closed door cultivation for help…”

“Ask Sky Devil Rui Ze for help—!!”

The three Commanders instantly showed a dumbstruck expression!

They had considered that the devil’s sudden appearance might be to ask for reinforcements, but after careful consideration, they felt that it wasn’t quite possible!

“If the demon tribe asked for reinforcements, wouldn’t it mean that the troops that Li Yuehuang led had obtained a crushing victory?”

“How could such a thing have happened?”

Jing Zhihai’s expression went grim and he asked in a stern voice, “Stop hemming and hawing. Explain clearly to This Commander! Otherwise, endless torture shall await you!”

The black-robed devil didn’t dare to tarry and hurriedly reported, “Well… yesterday night while we were all in dreamland, the campsite suddenly started to break out in a commotion. Someone said that our campsite’s defensive arrays had been damaged and they suspected that the allied armies had secretly infiltrated in. In the end, it didn’t take long for a few Commanders to discover that our campsite’s Commanding Officer, Sky Devil Lord Rui Xuan, he…. he died in front of the main tent!”

“Sky Devil Rui Xuan, he’s really dead!!”

“How is this possible? How can this be possible?”

“Could it be that Li Yuehuang and the others had done it? That’s too terrifying, this is too terrifying!”

Jing Zhihai and the other two Commanders were stunned by what they heard and were dumbstruck.

As Huang Yueli had always been guarding against them, Jing Zhihai and the two were not very clear about the plan for the main forces to attack the demon tribe’s campsite. They only had a rough outline.

But anyone with brains could guess that the most crucial step for Huang Yueli’s surprise attack to succeed was to kill Sky Devil Rui Xuan!

Jing Zhihai and the others had long determined that this step was not possible!

A Sky Devil’s ability was not something that Huang Yueli and the others could challenge. He was equivalent to a God clan’s Dao Profound Realm strong exponent!

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But now, this black-robed devil insisted that Sky Devil Rui Xuan was already dead!

No matter how he died, he definitely died in Li Yuehuang’s hands!