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Chapter 3159: Foresight (2)

On the allied armies’ end, Commander Hu and the others immediately detected the demon tribe’s resistance suddenly becoming intense. For a moment in time, all of them were puzzled.

“What’s going on? Why did these devils suddenly start to resist again? Haven’t they already given up earlier?”

“Who knows? Probably trying to put up the last fight?” Commander Xiao shrugged.

Commander Yang also didn’t think much of it. “Even if they eat all the pills that can arouse their potential, none of them… will be able to escape today!”

Under the haystack, Huang Yueli looked at Xia Yunxi in shock.

“Southeast direction… isn’t that the cave where Sky Devil Rui Ze is hiding in closed door cultivation?”

Li Yukun had specially sent out scouts to check on the closed door cultivation location where Sky Devil Rui Ze was. Because of this, they lost hundreds of veteran investigation officers.

But after the investigation, the conclusion that they derived made them heave a sigh of relief.

For him to not be affected and quietly advance while he was behind closed door cultivation, the location that Sky Devil Rui Ze chose was rather far from the demon tribe’s campsite. It was close to three hundred miles away!

Moreover, Sky Devil Rui Ze had intentionally added invisibility and soundproof arrays, just afraid of being interrupted by other people.

So he totally couldn’t be bothered to take part in the demon tribe and allied armies’ battlefield situation.

The demon tribe’s Commanding Officer would send the blood pills that they had refined once every one or two months. They did not dare to interrupt Rui Ze, so after delivering the items, they would quietly leave.

It was exactly because of this reason that Sky Devil Rui Ze didn’t appear even after the huge commotion caused by the demon tribe’s campsite surprise attack.

Hearing what Huang Yueli said, Xia Yunxi nodded solemnly. “I’m worried about Sky Devil Rui Ze! Today before we set off, I specially did a prediction and the trigram showed that we will be facing unforeseen circumstances, and the crisis that we will be facing will come from the southeast direction! Back then, I still couldn’t totally comprehend it. But after we set off, I remembered that the location is where Sky Devil Rui Ze went into closed door cultivation!”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and pondered as she said, “Logically speaking, Rui Ze wouldn’t get news of this so soon. He would need to wait for a few months until he doesn’t get any supply of blood pills before he sends someone over to check on this.”

Xia Yunxi said, “That’s only based on logic. Usually, when the demon tribe suffers a defeat, Rui Ze wouldn’t come out of his closed door just because of this. After all, suddenly stopping his closed door would result in serious damage to his meridians, or even cause a drop in his cultivation! But today is different. The entire demon tribe campsite is wiped out by us! The more important thing is…”

She paused and said gravely, “The more important thing is we killed Sky Devil Rui Xuan! I heard that he is Rui Ze’s biological younger brother. The demon tribe might usually treat kinship very lightly. But for the tribe’s honor and since he’s Rui Xuan’s brother, he would surely exact revenge for him, right?”

Huang Yueli’s expression also turned grave upon hearing that.

“Actually before we set off today, I’ve also been considering this problem. For safety’s sake, I sent Jing Zhihai and the others to the external part of the forest to lay an ambush…”

Xia Yunxi was stunned for a moment but immediately revealed an enlightened look.

“No wonder! I was just thinking why did you send Jing Zhihai and their teams to such a far location! Wouldn’t it be better to make them guard the campsite instead? So, you came up with a second plan to guard against the demon tribe from running over to Sky Devil Rui Ze to seek reinforcement! You’re so far-sighted!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly shook her hands.