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Chapter 3160: Foresight (3)

“Well, I’m not that far-sighted. It’s because you kept saying that there would be an unforeseen circumstance in today’s battle, so I did something extra and made a little preparation in advance…”

Xia Yunxi let out a smile. “Since you’re prepared, then I must have been thinking too much! It’s not every day that my trigram works every time. If we’re prepared in advance, then we should be able to avoid some accidents.”

The two of them were talking when they suddenly saw Commander Hu walking toward them.

“Reporting to Commander Li, the demon tribe suddenly started to fight back aggressively and our troop in front was caught off guard. A number of our soldiers have unfortunately sacrificed…”

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi exchanged a glance.

Xia Yunxi smiled and said, “A trapped beast suddenly becoming aggressive means that they assumed that they have hopes to be rescued! Looks like our prediction is correct. They indeed are thinking of looking for Rui Ze for reinforcements!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up as well. “Unfortunately, they have to wait until their next lives to be rescued!”

She instructed Commander Hu. “No issue. These devils are just making a last struggle. Tell the soldiers not to butt heads with them. Just surround them and slowly diminish their strength and that will do.”

Demon tribe’s campsite in the southeast.

On the necessary path leading to Sky Devil Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation cave.

Jing Zhihai and his close ties comrades, Commander Hua and Command Jian had been lying in ambush for close to four hours in the forest.

On the dark, windy night, the temperature was extremely frigid. Lying in wait without moving in a concealed place like this made the three Commanders slowly lose their patience.

“That Li Yuehuang is simply too much! Commander Jing is obviously our campsite’s strongest exponent, but not only did he not let you take charge of the main forces, he even dismissed us to this desolated place. This is simply too much!” Commander Hua grumbled indignantly.

Jing Zhihai sneered, “Who wants to take charge of the main forces? I’d rather wait here quietly! Li Yuehuang has overestimated himself into thinking that he could challenge a Sky Devil! Even if Sky Devil Rui Xuan is seriously injured, he isn’t someone that a Dream Profound Realm person like him could provoke! Just wait and see! Commander Hu and the others are dead meat!”

Commander Jian nodded and a smile spread over his face.

“Old Hua, they might be glamorous to be part of the main forces now. But if they are defeated by the demon tribe, they might even die! By then, our military strength is still intact. So when we return to the campsite, they will have to rely on us!”

Hearing that, Commander Hua finally came around it and expressed an enlightened look.

“What you guys said is right! There wouldn’t be many who can survive past today. By then, we will become the campsite’s only hope!”

The image of their infinite future appeared in their minds, and the three of them couldn’t help but burst out laughing!

Jing Zhihai said, “Do, the two of you better tolerate it for a little while more! It’s just a little boring and nothing else! Moreover, I believe it wouldn’t take long before we receive news of Li Yuehuang’s crushing defeat!”

He had just finished his sentence when he saw a black steed swiftly running towards them.

The rider on the horse panted heavily as though he was about to fall off his mount.

Jing Zhihai showed a smug smile. “See! Hasn’t the news arrived? It seems like Li Yuehuang and the others can’t hold on any longer and have sent his men here to ask for reinforcements!”