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Chapter 3158: Foresight (1)

Just as the allied armies were about to celebrate their victory, the devil army delved into the most difficult situation that they had ever been in.

The majority of their devil soldiers were killed and the remaining Commanders who were still alive led the scattered survivors and escaped to a corner. Using the topography and surrounding mechanisms, they proceeded to defend themselves.

Alas, facing the allied armies who were under Huang Yueli’s command, their attacks were structured. Hence it was only a matter of time before all of them were captured by the allied armies.

The situation was becoming more and more critical. The devil Commanders gathered and had a short discussion. However, they weren’t able to come out with any solution.

In the end, someone mentioned, “Should we… send someone over to ask Lord Rui Ze for help?”

Hearing that, everyone’s eyes lit up!

“that’s right! The place where Lord Rui Ze went into closed door cultivation is nearby! Although we can’t interrupt him from his closed door, once our campsite is defeated, no one will be able to provide him with enough blood pills. It will also cause his advancement to fail! So if we go and seek help, surely he wouldn’t ignore us right?”

“Moreover, Lord Rui Xuan is Lord Rui Ze’s biological brother. He died in the allied armies’ hands, so Lord Rui Ze will definitely seek vengeance for him!”

“You’re right. Even if Lord Rui Ze’s advancement is interrupted and he will fly into a rage but we still have to give it a try! We can’t just stay here and be sitting ducks, right?

The few devils couldn’t think of any other ideas and could only treat Sy Devil Rui Ze as their last straw.

After someone suggested that, the others practically echoed in agreement.

After the plan had been confirmed, the next step was how to materialize the plan.

“We’re now surrounded by the allied armies, so it’s even more difficult than soaring to heaven if we want to break out of their encirclement! How are we going to pass the news of Lord Rui Xuan’s death to Lord Rui Ze?”

“Isn’t that so? Even if we personally head over to try and break out, we might not be able to do so…”

Just as the devils were worrying with frowns over their faces, a short devil Commander sneered.

“Everyone is discussing our next course of action. Forget it if you can’t think of any idea, what are you sneering at?” Someone questioned him.

That person looked at the other Commanders in disdain.

“You’ve all been encircled and death is near at hand. But you’re only starting to think of a strategy now. What have you guys been doing all this while? By the time you think of an idea and seek help, we’d all be dead!”

“You… what do you mean?”

The demon tribe cared most about their reputation, and if it was usual times, they would attack that person who dared to mock them!

However, they could only tolerate it for now.

The short devil sneered, “When I discovered that Lord Rui Xuan had been killed by the allied armies, I’ve already sent someone over to the cave in the southeast where Lord Rui Ze is in closed door cultivation! If their operation is a success, they should already have reached the cave by now. Lord Rui Ze should be here shortly!”

“What? That’s… that’s great!”

“Buddy, luckily you have great foresight!”

“Everyone persist on! Hold on a little longer! As long as Lord Rui Ze arrives, those damn allied armies’ soldiers will all be turned into blood pills! By then, we can exact our revenge!”

Hearing that, the devils instantly became excited!

Earlier when they assumed that they were doomed, many devils lost their will to fight.

Now that they found out that the reinforcements were about to appear, they instantly perked up and started to fight back with all their might!