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Chapter 3156: Kill Rui Xuan, The Sky Devil (5)

The demon tribe’s Commanders who came to their senses immediately rushed to the main tent, hoping to report to Sky Devil Rui Xuan.

But in front of them was Rui Xuan’s cold and stiff corpse.

His dead body was facing upwards, and the devil stone inside his forehead had already been dug out.

“Damn it! It’s really those lowly, despicable humans! They actually intruded into our campsite!”

“Even Lord Rui Xuan was killed by them! How can this be possible? Their campsite’s Divine Lieutenant is also seriously injured, so there shouldn’t be anyone who is a threat to Lord Rui Xuan, isn’t it?”

“When did they even come in? Why didn’t we catch a glimpse of them at all?”

Rui Xuan’s death gave all the devils a tremendous shock! Many of them were impacted badly!

They couldn’t believe that a powerful and noble Sky Devil had actually died so quietly…

They thought silently, “Since when did such a powerful expert appear in the allied armies??”

“With this top exponent around, how are ordinary devils like us going to find a way to survive?”

Just as the demon tribe’s Commanders were feeling terrified, a devil soldier rushed in stumbling while shouting, “Commanders, bad… bad news! The allied armies’ soldiers are charging into our campsite!”

“Those lowly humans are indeed here! They’re simply looking to die!” One of the devil commanders asked fiercely, “How many people do they have? Which direction did they attack from?”

“Re… Reporting to Commander, they brought too many people. Every… everywhere is full of them! There are at least a few thousand of them! Moreover, the campsite’s surrounding arrays have all been damaged and they’re attacking from different directions. They’re everywhere! I… I really don’t know the exact numbers!”

“Damn it!”

Hearing this reply, the devil Commanders’ expressions turned extremely ghastly!

“What on earth is going on? That Li Yukun’s guts had always been smaller than an ant’s! Moreover, he’s injured today so logically speaking, he wouldn’t dare to come out! When had he ever dared to sneak an attack on our campsite?”

“I think it must be some top exponent from the allied armies? Even Lord Rui Xuan is also killed by him!”

“How can this be possible?”

“Let’s stop talking about this first. Let’s quickly go out and teach those allied armies’ scums who dare to barge into our campsite a lesson. Then we’ll turn all of them into blood pills!”

“That’s right, the allied army’s soldiers’ abilities were originally weaker than ours. So what if they have a top exponent? We will win for sure!”

The devil Commanders rushed out, hoping to kill all the allied armies’ soldiers at one go!

However, when they reached the campsite, they realized that the allied armies’ strategy was different from the past!

In the past, when both armies met, the devil army’s attack power was so strong that the allied armies’ formation would disperse very quickly.

Leaving out the formation coordination, based on one’s battle power, the demon tribe would outshine the humans. So both parties would enter a tussle.

But today, no matter how the devil Commanders ordered their devil soldiers to attack, the allied armies’ formation simply was not messed up!

“Commanders, we… we can’t do it! We can’t stop them! The allied armies’ attack is just too powerful!”

“Their formation transformation is too fast! We are being fooled around by them!”

“A lot of Earth Devils mid-phase top experts have been encircled and killed by them…”

The demon tribe originally wasn’t prepared and hastily got into battle.

But the allied armies came prepared, and were well-trained!