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Chapter 3157: Kill Rui Xuan, The Sky Devil (6)

Under the allied armies’ attack, the devil army fell back with heavy casualties!

Finally, the demon tribe could not hold on and began to retreat towards the rear!

Under the allied armies’ unrelenting pursuit, the majority of the devils were killed! The remaining devil soldiers followed their Commanders closely and retreated to a corner of the campsite. With the surrounding mechanisms’ aid, they fought back with the determination to fight to their deaths.

Seeing the demon tribe feeling in defeat, Commander Hu and the other commanders were in high spirits as they laughed heartily.

“Awesome! This is so awesome! I have never felt this good since I joined the allied armies!”

“Isn’t that so? Last night when they sneaked an attack on our campsite, that Sky Devil Rui Xuan was so aggressive and insufferably arrogant! What about now? He’s dead, and we’ve easily taken over his main camp!” Commander Xiao was also beaming with smiles.

Commander Yang also laughed as he said, “This is all thanks to Commander Li! His planning and strategy are so divine! If it wasn’t for him, we’d have missed this golden opportunity!”

“That’s right!” Commander Hu and Commander Xiao echoed in agreement.

Their gazes turned towards Huang Yueli, who was seated by the side.

At this moment in the minds of all the soldiers in the allied armies, Huang Yueli was already an existence equivalent to God!

After today’s battle, not only could they successfully escape from the demon tribe’s encirclement, but they were also able to eradicate one of the demon tribe’s campsites. This was huge merit!

They even killed the Sky Devil in this battle. Each of them would be able to earn a huge load of military merits!

Furthermore, they would also obtain the allied armies’ special reward!

No wonder everyone was so excited!

Huang Yueli wasn’t as excited as the rest of them. After the demon tribe had been forced into a corner, she had been sitting on a haystack with Xia Yunxi, discussing their next course of action.

Earlier after they set up the signal bomb, they weren’t lazing around. Instead, they were mutually coordinating realistically to damage all the mechanisms and arrays.

Following this, the strike team smoothly merged with major forces. Huang Yueli directed Commander Hu and the others to lead their troops on different routes to attack the demon tribe’s campsite.

The demon tribe’s practitioners were outstanding in personal battle power. So even if their Sky Devil Commanding Officer was dead, it wouldn’t affect them much.

Huang Yueli cautiously planned the attack sequence and with the aid of the formation’s power, they finally managed to break through the demon tribe’s defense.

It seemed that victory was within grasp right now.

There was only a small portion of the demon tribe left who were stubbornly fighting back. But they wouldn’t be able to cause any major waves at all!

“The battle seems as though it’s about to end…” Xia Yunxi looked at the situation around them and aid thoughtfully. “The battlefield situation is going so smoothly, so all we need is to wait to accumulate our military merits. But… I don’t know why, somehow I feel a little uneasy.”

“Uneasy? Yunxi, have you got some predictions again? Now that victory is within our grasp, is it possible for any unforeseen circumstances to appear?” Huang Yueli jolted as she looked anxiously at her good friend next to her.

Xia Yunxi said, “Somehow, I sense that some unforeseen circumstances will crop up. Moreover, the prediction I sensed this time is extremely clear. It seems to be coming… from the southeast direction!”

“Southeast direction? There shouldn’t be any demon tribe campsite in the southeast, right? How could it possibly…”

Just then, Huang Yueli suddenly thought of something and her eyes instantly widened like full moons.

“Surely not? The southeast direction is….”