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Chapter 3155: Kill Rui Xuan, The Sky Devil (4)

Hearing that, Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders and the dagger in her hand slashed down towards the position between Rui Xuan’s eyebrows!

A light blue translucent devil stone landed in Huang Yueli’s palm.

“This devil stone is actually translucent. It looks just like a crystal!” Huang Yueli couldn’t help but gasp in admiration.

The devil stones that she saw in the past were basically dim and rough. If it wasn’t because of the faint demonic qi contained inside, it would be no different from the roadside rocks.

Xia Yunxi explained, “So, this is a Sky Devil’s stone! Different colors of the demon tribe’s devil stones represent different attributes. Light blue means Rui Xuan is a water attributed devil. Moreover, the higher grade the devil, the lighter and clearer the color of the devil stone! I heard that if they reach the rank of a Devil Overlord, their devil stone will practically be transparent!”

“I see! This is my first time seeing a Sky Devil’s devil stone! This time, we’ve also achieved killing a Sky Devil!” Huang Yueli let out a sky smile.

The two ladies smiled at each other, led their strike team members, and secretly made a detour to leave!

Killing Sky Devil Rui Xuan was the most dangerous and difficult part of their plan tonight.

Now that they had successfully killed Rui Xuan, the things that followed would be much easier to handle.

They would leave the demon tribe’s campsite first and set off the signal bomb in the nearby forest!

Commander Hu, Command Xiao, and Command Yang led more than 2000 soldiers and were waiting nearby when they saw the rays from the signal bomb. They instantly understood that the strike team had succeeded in their plan!

The untouchable Sky Devil had already died in Huang Yueli and the others’ hands!

“Heavens, surely it can’t be true right? Commander Li and the others… have they really succeeded??”

“I simply can’t believe it! There’s not even one Heart Profound Realm practitioner in that small team of theirs, yet they can kill the Sky Devil? Even if the Sky Devil was seriously injured, it is also very hard to believe!”

“Moreover, their speed is really fast! We’ve just finished setting up the ambush and the signal appeared…”

The three Commanders looked at each other in dismay, each of them hearing an extremely stunned expression!

This matter was simply unheard of!

When they set off in the wee hours this morning, even they didn’t believe that Huang Yueli’s plan would succeed. They were merely strictly following orders, and there was no way to oppose them under her strict command.

But deep in their hearts, the three of them thought that Huang Yueli’s plan was simply too crazy and risky!

But from the looks of it now…

“How on earth did he do it? That’s… that’s too terrifying!”

The scarier thing, as compared to Sky Devil Rui Xuan, was Huang Yueli who could formulate a plan to defeat the stronger party!

Commander Hu shook his head vigorously, casting the distracting thoughts out of his mind.

“Alright, alright, let’s discuss these things after we gain victory! Now that Commander Li had already killed the Sky Devil, we must grab on to this golden opportunity!”

“Right, we must fight to earn enough military merits for our subordinates!”

“Let’s go!”

The three Commanders exchanged a glance and swiftly ordered their soldiers to charge toward the agreed location!

When Huang Yueli entered the campsite, she had already damaged one of the defensive arrays.

After she set off the signal bomb, she and Xia Yunxi coordinated to damage the remaining few arrays.

One array after another occurred. Even a fool would come to understand that this was the work of the allied armies!