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Chapter 3154: Kill Rui Xuan, The Sky Devil (3)

However, the speed of the silver needles was simply too fast. Moreover, Xia Yunxi’s distance was simply too near!

Before Sky Devil Rui Xuan could strike, the silver needles had already pierced right into his back!

Blood started to flow from the positions where he was stabbed!

“He’s injured! He’s really injured!” Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up and swiftly retreated from the back!

She managed to escape in time, but Xia Yunxi wasn’t that lucky.

To display the full power of the Torrential Rain Shower Needles, Xia Yunxi tried her best to go as near to Rui Xuan as possible. After she succeeded, she didn’t have time to escape and was struck by the demonic qi that he hurled out!

Xia Yunxi’s body fell towards the main tent’s entrance!

Rui Xuan’s anger spiraled after he was injured and ran in huge strides towards the door, wanting to tear apart Xia Yunxi who injured him!

Huang Yueli hurriedly chased after them to save her…

But before she could make a move, Rui Xuan’s body suddenly swaggered and the expression on his face instantly froze.

Immediately after that, he fell onto the ground with a loud plop.

“Yunxi, Yunxi! How are you? Where are you hurt? Can you still move?”

Xia Yunxi opened her eyes and coughed. “Cough cough! I’m alright, but the demonic qi has entered my body and I feel a little stiff. Luckily I brought some pills along…”

She took out a medicinal bottle from her sleeve, poured out a few pills, and stuffed it all into her mouth.

After a short moment later, her complexion turned slightly better.

Xia Yunxi climbed up from the ground. “It’s ok, don’t worry. I’m fine! We’d better quickly leave this place first! Sky Devil Rui Xuan is the Commanding Officer here, so I believe someone will be here to look for him very soon!”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Okay!”

Earlier the strike that Xia Yunxi took on looked really serious. Huang Yueli believed that if she was the one who took it on, she would definitely be seriously injured.

She didn’t expect Xia Yunxi to seem perfectly fine…

Their cultivations were almost on par, so Huang Yueli guessed that she must be wearing very high tiered armor on her!

But this was Xia Yunxi’s privacy and Huang Yueli didn’t probe too much. She was glad that Xia Yunxi was fine.

The two of them looked at Sky Devil Rui Xuan.

The demon tribe’s figures were tall and huge. Rui Xuan plopped to the ground like a small hill.

But he was facing down, so it wasn’t easy to judge if he was really dead or not.

The two of them stood by the side and observed for a little while, then Huang Yueli said, “We can’t afford to think too much now because there’s no time to waste. I’ll go retrieve the devil stone now and quickly leave after that!”

Xia Yunxi nodded, “Be careful! Although my poison should have taken effect, he’s a Sky Devil after all. It’s still better to take caution…”

Huang Yueli carefully walked nearer and held Rui Xuan’s shoulder to turn him around!

Rui Xuan’s eyes were wide open as he stared straight ahead, as though he couldn’t rest in peace. Apparently, he couldn’t believe that he would die in the hands of two weak Dream Profound Realm practitioners!

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards. “Rest in peace! Sacrificing just you to let so many of us earn the military merit, you should feel glorious!”

Xia Yunxi heard her illogical theory and couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Enough, if you continue to talk, beware that Rui Xuan would be so angry that he comes back to life! Quickly dig out his devil stone and let’s leave. I sensed some devils running over!”