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Chapter 3153: Kill Rui Xuan, The Sky Devil (2)

Xia Yunxi couldn’t care about escaping for her life and instantly chased after her to run into the main tent’s door.

She saw Huang Yueli dashing right in without any hesitation and crashed right into Sky Devil Rui Xuan who raced madly out of the entrance!

Xia Yunxi’s breathing was so rapid that it almost stopped!

Huang Yueli’s body swayed slightly and made a turn around Rui Xuan’s body. As for Rui Xuan, he was so angry that he completely didn’t discover that someone was in front of him earlier!

Xia Yunxi went into a blank and her gaze suddenly landed on Huang Yueli’s right hand’s finger.

She was wearing a blood-red ring on her finger — the Sky Devil Blood Ring!

She had almost forgotten that Huang Yueli had such a valuable treasure on her, which could make her invisible in front of a Sky Devil!

No wonder she was so bold as to dash right into the tent.

However, before Xia Yunxi could heave a sigh of relief, she saw Sky Devil Rui Xuan running towards her!

It was because he didn’t see Huang Yueli who was invisible, but saw Xia Yunxi who followed in!

Xia Yunxi hurriedly moved aside and put up a defensive stance. It was too late for her to escape right now, so she could only forcibly take on Rui Xuan’s attack!

But based on her ability, even if she had the high tiered Treasure Armament armor that Jun Sihan gave, she might not be able to survive!

Things… were really terrible now!

However, just as Xia Yunxi was feeling desperate, she caught sight of Huang Yueli from her peripheral vision. The latter suddenly jumped high up in the air behind Rui Xuan and she held a dagger with a piercing cold glint in her hand, aiming right at Rui Xuan’s head!

Huang Yueli struck like lightning and she was also wearing the Sky Devil Blood Ring.

So Rui Xuan only managed to react when the dagger’s blade was just two inches away from his head!

Now, he couldn’t be bothered to capture Xia Yunxi. He hastily shifted his head to avoid the attack, and unleashed a burst of demonic qi towards his head!

Huang Yueli was struck by that burst of demonic qi and fell to the side. The dagger in her hand shifted and missed Rui Xuan.

However, her sudden attack had totally enraged Rui Xuan!

He roared madly and turned around, pouncing toward Huang Yueli’s direction!

Huang Yueli quickly worked up her body movement Profound Skills and escaped with all her might. She practically used up all the energy that she could muster!

She was well aware that based on her cultivation, no matter how outstanding her body movements were, her speed could not match a Sky Devil! Moreover, now that the two of them were in such a small tent running about, there was no way she could escape at all!

But she had to persist!

As long as she could hold on for some time, there might be a turn for the better!

Because her trusted teammate was at the other end of the main tent!

Xia Yunxi didn’t let Huang Yueli down as well. Her reaction was also very swift and her eyesight was extremely precise!

Seeing the Sky Devil Rui Xuan leaving her to chase after Huang Yueli, she instantly changed directions and ran towards Rui Xuan instead!

This time, she totally didn’t bother about the demonic qi around Rui Xuan invading her body, and just dashed forward!

Just as they were under three meters apart, Xia Yunxi’s right hand lifted and activated the reinforced spring mechanism that Huang Yueli gave!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh—!”

The Torrential Rain Shower Needles flew out, giving off a sharp ear-piercing cracking sound in the air!

This sound was even louder than those hundred spring mechanisms activated simultaneously! It meant that the reinforced spring mechanism’s speed was simply unimaginable!

Sky Devil Rui Xuan suddenly became aware. He turned around, intending to use his demonic qi to sweep away the silver needles!