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Chapter 3123: New Campsite Commander (2)

It wasn’t the first time they disrupted his plans! They even gave him a good slap on his face!

Unfortunately, Li Yukun promoted these two fellows, and Jing Zhihai felt so awful that it seemed as though he had swallowed a fly.

But if he knew what decision Li Yukun was going to make next, he would absolutely not be as upset as this now…

“At the same time, Li Yuehuang… Commander Li… will represent me to direct the campsite… the entire army… will all the Commanders… follow her orders… unite together and battle seriously…”

Because of the demonic qi, Li Yukun was still feeling dizzy.

Hence he spoke intermittently, spending a long time completing one sentence.

But before he could finish what he had to say, Jing Zhihai couldn’t wait and jumped up to shout, “Divine Lieutenant! You… are you muddled? Or have you been brainwashed by them? How can you assign these lowly humans to be the campsite’s Commanding Officers?!”

“I… cough cough… you… cough cough cough…”

Hearing that, Li Yukun subconsciously wanted to rebuke.

But he was originally very weak, and now that someone angered him, he couldn’t catch his breath. He coughed times continuously, totally unable to say a single word.

Xia Yunxi quickly ran to Li Yukun, took out a pill to stuff into his mouth, and pressed on the acupoint on his arm.

At the same time, she looked at Jing Zhihai with a condemned gaze.

Jing Zhihai felt that he didn’t do anything wrong and simply stared right back at her.

“What are you staring at? You little brat, what spell did you cast on Divine Lieutenant? Why did he make such an irrational decision! Are you treating the military army as your plaything? This is that brat Li’s first time on the battlefield. How would he possibly know how to command the army?”

“Moreover, he’s just a human! It’s already good enough that a human can become a Commander. What right can you become a Divine Lieutenant to command the entire campsite’s soldiers?”

He sneered at Huang Yueli with a ferocious glower.

Hearing that, the other Commanders also showed an ugly look and started to voice their objections.

“That’s right. Divine Lieutenant, what Commander Jing said is reasonable. Please reconsider your decision!”

“Divine Lieutenant, a human taking up the responsibility to command a campsite, this… is unheard of in the entire God Realm!”

“That’s right. Humans’ willpower and intensity of their soul trace cannot be compared with the demon tribe. So he can’t possibly take up the duties of a Commanding Officer!”

In a moment, most of the Commanders took the same stand.

Before Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi were promoted, in the campsite of eight Commanders, Commander Hu was the only human. The others were all from the god clans.

God clan had practically taken up all the important positions in the allied army and this seemed to be an unspoken agreed regulation.

Now, a human suddenly popped up. Not only was he going to be a Commander, but he would also rise above them to become the entire campsite’s Commanding Officer!

How would the god clan Commanders possibly be convinced by this?

Li Yukun had already stopped coughing by then and he was just about to speak.

Huang Yueli stepped forward and blocked him behind her, facing the god clan Commanders in a threatening posture.

“All of you say I don’t have the rights to take on the responsibility of commanding the campsite on what basis? Just because I’m a human? There are many human Divine Lieutenants in the allied army as well, isn’t it? For example… Lu Xihe. Are you saying that he doesn’t have the right to command the campsite as well?”