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Chapter 3122: New Campsite Commander (1)

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi exchanged a glance, responded positively, and quickly walked to Li Yukun’s bed.

Li Yukun might have awoken, but his complexion was still terrible. His original fair complexion looked like it was masked with a layer of black greyish death aura.

He tried to widen his eyes but his gaze was a little dull. Apparently, he could not see everything clearly in front of him.

“Li… Yuehuang… Xi… Yun…Xia…”

Li Yukun’s voice was so hoarse that almost no one could hear what he was saying clearly.

Hearing their names, Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi hurriedly walked closer.

“Divine Lieutenant, is there anything you want? Feel free to instruct us!”

Li Yukun’s right hand convulsed and he tried to lift it. But due to the lack of energy, it drooped down instead.

He said softly, “I… I’m so badly injured right now, so… I’m unable to direct the army personally. For the campsite… for everyone’s safety, I must assign… someone to represent me.”

Hearing that, Jing Zhihai’s eyes immediately lit up!

Ever since today’s battle and after Li Yukun was seriously injured, Jing Zhihai had already started to covet the Divine Lieutenant’s position.

As one of the talented practitioners in the White Tiger Clan, his experience was much higher than the other Commanders.

He knew clearly that Li Yukun was badly injured and the campsite’s situation seemed extremely critical. But from another perspective, this was not just another difficulty and obstacle. On the contrary, this might be a heaven-sent opportunity!

On the demon tribe’s end, their Commanding Officer, Sky Devil Ruixuan had also suffered serious injuries during the battle earlier.

Although it might seem that his injury wasn’t as serious as Li Yukun’s, the demon tribe’s medical skills weren’t as advanced as the humans. So he would probably not be able to fight with anyone for at least a month.

The demon tribe’s army was also annihilated by a large half by those human practitioners who followed up a victory with hot pursuit.

Under these circumstances, the demon tribe’s situation was even more perilous than the humans!

Jing Zhihai felt that if he could become the campsite’s Commanding Officer at this point in time, there was a huge success rate to defeat the demon tribe.

Bu then, those people who weren’t aware of the situation would feel that the merit belonged to him alone!

Jing Zhihai indulged in his wishful thinking and hoped that Li Yukun would remain unconscious forever.

That was why when Xia Yunxi stood out and said that she could cure Li Yukun, he was angered by it! He simply didn’t want to talk about it again! He was on the verge of having his way but that chance was taken away right before his eyes!

Luckily, Heavens was on his side. Even though Xia Yunxi saved Li Yukun, the latter wasn’t able to continue commanding the army for battle, and he had to assign a representative!

As long as he could become the representative, it was still the same!

Jing Zhihai was extremely confident that as the campsite commander with the most military merits and highest cultivation, it was logical for him to be the stand-in for Divine Lieutenant.

“I… assign…”

Jing Zhihai puffed up his chest subconsciously and prepared to hear his name.

“Team 3’s Team Leader… Li Yuehuang, and Team 4’s Team Leader… Xi Yunxia. They are promoted to the rank of Commanding Officer with immediate effect…”

Hearing that, Jing Zhihai was rather unhappy and frowned.

Originally, two Commanders had passed away during this war, and it was indeed necessary to assign two new Commanders.

But these two fellows, Li Yuehuang, and Xi Yunxia were someone that he hated the most.