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Chapter 3124: New Campsite Commander (3)

God clan Commanders originally bore a righteous look on their faces.

But upon hearing Huang Yueli mentioning Lu Xihe’s name, they instantly shut their mouths because they couldn’t think of anything to rebuke her.

Liu Xihe was a renowned heaven grade genius in God Realm and moreover, he was the only heaven grade genius among humans!

Hence, his reputation in God Realm was even more popular than Jing Shaoyuan and the others!

Especially for those human practitioners, Lu Xihe was his idol and role model. His prestige was so incredibly stunning.

Of course, when ordinary god clan practitioners heard this name, they couldn’t help but be convinced! No one dared to say the words “lowly humans” or similar disrespectful words before him.

After all, above bloodlines, one’s ability could convince everyone even more!

In front of Lu Xihe’s powerful ability, many god clan practitioners don’t even dare to let out a fart in front of them, not to mention challenge him directly.

When Huang Yueli mentioned Lu Xihe, the god clan Commanders could no longer use bloodline to suppress her.

Surely they couldn’t say that Lu Xihe wasn’t qualified enough to become the campsite’s Commanding Officer, right? If news of this leaked out, they would become all of the human practitioners’ public enemy, pulverized to death by Lu Xihe’s admirers alive!

Jing Zhihai silently cursed his comrades for being so useless.

He stood up and said, “Alright, what you said is not wrong. As long as a human has sufficient ability, he can take up the position of Commanding Officer. But that is based on one’s ability! Your ability is so low within our campsite, so what right do you have to be Divine Lieutenant’s representative?”

Huang Yueli said indifferently, “This is reasonable as well… in God Realm, no matter what we do, it’s always the fairest to use the ability to talk!”

Jing Zhihai assumed that she went soft when she said that, and couldn’t help but snort coldly.

“It’s good that you know that! Since that’s so, you’d better automatically let this position out. The Commanding Officer… has to be taken up by someone more capable and abled!”

Huang Yueli’s brows lifted and asked, “You say… someone more capable and abled, are you referring to yourself?”

Her question was so direct, but Jing Zhihai didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed at all.

He puffed his chest and said loudly, “Everyone knows who has the strongest ability in Campsite! Even Divine Lieutenant also knows it!”

Saying that, he turned to Li Yukun once again.

“Divine Lieutenant, Li Yuehuang has admitted that he isn’t capable enough to take up the responsibility as the Commanding Officer. Will you please assign someone else who is more suitable!”

Li Yukun had already calmed down by now. His senses seemed to be much better after taking the pill that Xia Yunxi gave.

He stretched out his hand and pointed at Jing Zhihai.

“You… you…”

Jing Zhihai jumped for joy silently and a smile spread over his face. “Divine Lieutenant, have you decided to appoint me as the campsite’s Commanding Officer?”

“You… you… get out… right now! Li… Yuehuang… is the new Commanding Officer!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard what Li Yukun said!

No one expected Li Yukun to be so firm in making Huang Yueli the Commanding Officer.

Jing Zhihai’s expression was extremely ghastly!

He acted so pleasedly earlier because he assumed that Li Yukun was just muddled because of his injury. After reconsidering the entire situation, the latter would stand on his side!

No one expected Li Yukun to repeat the same decision, giving Jing Zhihai a tight slap on his face!

“Why did it turn out like this? What’s so good about that human brat?”