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Chapter 3121: Life In Critical Danger (4)

The other Commanders kept persuading him but there wasn’t any effect at all.

The crowd stood at the entrance of the tent for more than six hours.

In the end, many of them became impatient and paced up and down. However, they were afraid of making any urging sounds, in case it affect Xia Yunxi from the treatment.

Jing Zhihai lost his cool, walked towards the door, and shouted, “Xi Yunxia, do you have any medical skills at all? It’s already been such a long time and there’s still no news at all. Earlier, you were just boasting, right? Now that you know that you can’t cure Divine Lieutenant, you don’t dare to come out?”

He had just finished his statement when the main tent’s door curtain was lifted.

Xia Yunxi walked out and stared coldly at everyone who had crowded outside the door.

“How is it? How is Divine Lieutenant?”

Everyone swarmed up.

Xia Yunxi said, “Divine Lieutenant has regained his consciousness and he’s not in any critical danger. But as he suffered a serious injury, he must not be tired out in the next few weeks and must recuperate properly.”

Hearing that, all the practitioners revealed a joyful expression.

“Really? Divine Lieutenant… he’s really awake?”

“Heavens, that’s great, that’s really great. Thank God for the blessing!”

“Our campsite is saved…”

The few Commanders fought to go into the tent. Xia Yunxi didn’t stop them and automatically moved to one side to let them enter.

Seeing Li Yukun’s bedside full of people, Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks, not rushing to head in.

Since Xia Yunxi said he was not in critical danger, then things would definitely be as what she had said. Huang Yueli felt that she need not be so anxious.

She thought over for a moment, walked to Xia Yunxi, and asked softly, “Divine Lieutenant, is he really alright now? He took in a lot of demonic qi. I’m a little worried that there might still have some residual effects left within his body.”

Xia Yunxi took a careful look at the surroundings and after she ascertained that no one was looking at them, she sighed softly.

“I won’t tell you lies. Actually, Divine Lieutenant’s situation is still very critical. Even though I have already cleared a lot of demonic qi from his meridians and internal organs, the demonic qi that had invaded his brain is very hard to remove. I tried my very best but could only clear out 50% of it.”

“50%…” Huang Yueli muttered, “Then what will happen to Divine Lieutenant?”

Xia Yunxi said, “Divine Lieutenant would be awake for a short amount of time every day. But most of the time, he would be in a concussion. I will come and administer treatment for him daily to slowly purge out the remaining demonic qi in his brain. But this process is very arduous, and it might take up to 6 months or more to remove it completely.”

Huang Yueli frowned when she heard that.

According to Xia Yunxi’s diagnosis, Li Yukun was basically unable to command the campsite’s soldiers and engage in war.

In this way, even though he was still awake, the campsite’s predicament was still the same.

The highest battle power was no longer available and at the same time, the campsite had lost someone who understood and had the best control in commanding…

Although this might not represent that they have no way of freeing themselves from this trouble.


Huang Yueli recalled that when she was in the tent, she had once seen Jing Zhihai’s overly excited expression…

Something was indeed amiss…

The two were feeling sullen when Commander Hu suddenly turned his head and called them in.

“Li Yuehuang, Xi Yunxia, why are you still in a daze? Didn’t you hear? Divine Lieutenant is asking you two to come over!”