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Chapter 3120: Life In Critical Danger (3)

Jing Zhihai laughed coldly and looked at Xia Yunxi.

“Can you prove your words? Xi Yunxia, since you say you can save Divine Lieutenant, then you must show that you have the ability to do it! Divine Lieutenant’s life and death concern our entire campsite’s future. If you are just boasting, you will get all of us killed! By then, how are you going to explain to everyone?”

Xia Yunxi seemed to have detected something when she heard that, and her gaze turned extremely profound.

“Commander Jing, don’t worry. I will be able to help Divine Lieutenant regain his consciousness today.”

“Oh? Really?” Hearing Xia Yunxi’s words, Jing Zhihai’s heart thumped.

But the other Commanders were extremely excited, so he had to force himself to smile.

“Team Leader Xi has already said this, so I have nothing else to say. Medic, please assist Team Leader Xi to administer the treatment! I want to see what you are capable of!”

Xia Yunxi’s lips curled up coldly. “You want to stay here and watch? Unfortunately, I never allow anyone to stay and watch while I’m administering treatment! Commanders, please wait outside the tent!”

“What??” Jing Zhihai didn’t expect Xia Yunxi to not be intimidated by his cynicism.

On the contrary, he was going to be swept out of the door by her!

He professed that after Divine Lieutenant was severely injured, the next highest status in the campsite authoritarian would be him. But someone wrote him off like this!

Thinking of this, he was outraged!

“Brat, do you know who you are talking to??”

Xia Yunxi said calmly, “Then do you know who you are talking to? Divine Lieutenant’s condition will deteriorate as time passes by, and the success rate of recovery will become lower! If you don’t go out, and if I can’t cure him… then who should we blame, you or me?”

“You—!” Jing Zhihai was rebuked so badly that he couldn’t say a word at all!

The other Commanders hurriedly persuaded, “Commander Jing, forget about it. I heard that all Divine Doctors have some strange kind of habit. We’d better just wait outside! Anyway, even if we stay here and watch, we aren’t of any help too!”

“That’s right, let’s go out and wait!”

Jing Zhihai couldn’t accept that he couldn’t win over a young man’s truth, and was still saying stubbornly, “I’m doing this for Divine Lieutenant’s safety! That Xi Yunxi had just come to our campsite recently and he had never said that he had medical skills. How can all of you trust him?”

“Anyway, he’s still inside the campsite and can’t escape. If he can’t cure Divine Lieutenant, it wouldn’t be too late for us to catch him by then, right?”

As the Commanders persuaded him, they started to drag him out. Finally, they managed to drag Jing Zhihai out of the tent.

Xia Yunxi didn’t ask Huang Yueli to leave.

But Huang Yueli conscientiously left along with the few Commanders and walked out of the tent.

She didn’t have the slightest doubt that Xia Yunxi would be able to cure Li Yukun!

Xia Yunxi’s alchemy level was exceptionally high. Besides that, she was The Chosen One!

Huang Yueli remembered that she had once said that The Chosen One’s greatest innate talent wasn’t just in prediction. They also had an ability, and that was healing!

She could use those common methods of pills and acupuncture to cure a patient. But if she met with even more tedious illnesses, when ordinary doctors were helpless, she could use her witchcraft to save the patient!

According to what Xia Yunxi said, the magic in her was a special purification attribute Profound Energy, which was used to treat various poisons or injuries caused by demonic qi. To ordinary people, it seemed like a miracle!

After Jing Zhihai left the main tent, he stood rooted at the entrance with an extremely ghastly expression on his face.