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Chapter 3119: Life In Critical Danger (2)

“Such a long time had passed, are you done? Why does feeling a pulse take so long?” He couldn’t help but urge.

Huang Yueli’s brows rose and she was just about to stand out to defend her best friend.

Just at this moment, Xia Yunxi suddenly said, “Divine Lieutenant’s injury is indeed very serious. Sky Devil Rui Xuan’s demonic qi seemed to have a numbing effect. Not only did it invade Divine Lieutenant’s meridians and internal organs, but it also caused severe damage to his brain!”

When the medic heard what she saw, he immediately stood out.

“That’s the same conclusion that I derived when I was doing the consultation! Divine Lieutenant’s injury is simply too serious, especially when the demonic qi had already entered his brain. This is simply… sigh!”

The medic gave a long sigh.

All the practitioners felt exceptionally melancholic upon hearing that.

Their conclusion was the same, so there shouldn’t be any case of misdiagnosis.

Even if it was some ordinary person without any medical skills, one would more or less know how serious the damage was when demonic qi had entered one’s brain. There was a 90% chance that the practitioner would die while in a concussion.

The remaining 10% might regain consciousness, but that person would either become insane or retarded. That was even worse than death!

As for the possibility of a full recovery…

If it was in a large city in God Realm where highly skilled Imperial Alchemists could administer treatment on time, he might have a slight chance of recovery.

But now, they were at the frontlines!

Not to mention an Imperial Alchemist, there wasn’t even any high ranking Spiritual Alchemist around…

It seemed that it would be difficult for Li Yukun to escape from this calamity!

When the Commanders heard this bad news, everyone felt extremely sad and their expressions became extremely ghastly.

As everyone’s heads were lowered, no one noticed that Jing Zhihai might look sad, but an excited glint flashed past his eyes!

He turned around and raised his voice to say, “Comrades, Divine Lieutenant is so seriously injured, so he might not be able to live past these few days. I know everyone is very sad, but since things have already come to this, we cannot be sitting ducks. The campsite needs to operate smoothly. So I’m thinking, we should…”

Jing Zhihai hadn’t even completed his sentence when someone suddenly interrupted him.

“Who said Divine Lieutenant wouldn’t be able to live past these few days?”

An icy, cold voice rang from his back.

Jing Zhihai was stunned and momentarily swallowed the remaining words.

He hurriedly turned around, meeting with Xia Yunxi’s cold gaze. She continued to say, “I only said Divine Lieutenant’s injury is very serious, but since when did I say there’s no way to treat him?”

Hearing that, the Commanders were stunned for a moment. But immediately following that, they became excited.

“W.. What? Team Leader Li, you mean, could it be that… you have a way to save Divine Lieutenant?”

“Yes, is that true? You can’t crack jokes about such things! We will take it for real!”

“Our campsite relies entirely on Divine Lieutenant. If he falls, we don’t know what to do!”

Everyone looked at Xia Yunxi with a hopeful gaze.

Jing Zhihai was the only one whose facial muscles kept twitching.

He originally wanted to take the chance while Li Yukun was severely injured to take over the command for the campsite. Whoever knew that such a good opportunity had come, but right before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by this stinky brat!

But Jing Zhihai wasn’t a fool. He spent a great deal of effort before he controlled his urge to curse at her.