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Chapter 3118: Life In Critical Danger (1)

Just as everyone was at their wits’ end, a voice suddenly rang from the door.

Huang Yueli turned around and saw Xia Yunxi hurriedly walking in.

She didn’t even have time to greet Huang Yueli and walked directly to Li Yukun’s bed.

“Let me take a look at Divine Lieutenant’s condition!” Xia Yunxi immediately ordered.

The medic was being questioned and was originally wasn’t very happy about it. But when he met with Xia Yunxi’s penetrative black eyes, he suddenly got cold feet and subconsciously obeyed her command, retreating to the side.

Xia Yunxi sat by the bed and grabbed Li Yukun’s wrist as she started to feel his pulse.

All the Commanders were initially shocked by her sudden action, hence they did not respond in time. It was only until now that everyone felt that something was amiss.

“Wait, what are you trying to do to Divine Lieutenant?”

“Quickly move aside! The medic is doing the consultation for Divine Lieutenant and you suddenly popped in to create a ruckus. What are you trying to do?”

“If anything were to happen to Divine Lieutenant, are you able to take up this responsibility?”

A few urging voices rang, asking Xia Yunxi to leave.

Xia Yunxi didn’t bother about their hooting and remained unmoved. She even squinted her eyes slightly, not looking at those bystanders at all.

“Hey, Xi Yunxia, did you hear what the various Commanders said??”

White Tiger Clan’s Jing Zhihai couldn’t help but jump out, intending to pull her aside!

But before he could touch Xia Yunxi, his outstretched right hand suddenly felt a biting pain!

A powerful burst of energy hit his arm, causing him to move to one side.

Jing Zhihai staggered back several times and his expression instantly turned gloomy.

He took a closer look and discovered that Huang Yueli was already standing beside Xia Yunxi. Her arms were crossed as she looked coldly at the crowd in front of the bed.

“Team Leader Xi is doing a consultation for Divine Lieutenant right now. Which of you dares to go disrupt them? Are you intentionally hoping that Divine Lieutenant will not recover?”

Jing Zhihai stared at her fiercely and said furiously, “I intentionally hope that Divine Lieutenant will not recover? How dare you even say that! I think you two are the ones with ill intentions, that’s why you don’t allow us to go near Divine Lieutenant. You even chased the medic to one side, are you hoping to do something secretly?”

Huang Yueli sneered when she heard that.

“Ignorant! Team Leader Li is God Realm’s famous Spiritual Alchemist! In terms of medical skills, ordinary medics cannot even be compared to his finger!”

“You really have the cheek to say that!” Jing Zhihai sneered, “Who would believe in the rubbish that you are spouting? Our campsite medic is a middle rank Spiritual Alchemist recognized by the Spiritual Alchemist Guild who has many years of experience seeing patients. How is he not more capable than that young brat?”

Huang Yueli said disapprovingly, “Shouldn’t we use the truth to tell if they can be compared or not? Anyway, the medic is helpless towards Divine Lieutenant’s injury. So what does it matter if Team Leader Xi takes a look?”

What she said was so logical that Jing Zhihai couldn’t rebuke her at all.

In a second, the tent resumed back to its usual silence.

Xia Yunxi checked Li Yukun’s pulse and did not move. No matter how intense the argument between Huang Yueli and Jing Zhihai was, it seemed as though she did not hear anything at all.

Everyone stared at her and waited to listen to the result that she found.

However, after waiting for a long time, Xia Yunxi didn’t say a single word.

Jing Zhihai couldn’t wait any longer.