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Chapter 3117: Li Moying Who Went To The Frontlines (6)

Meng Dajun shook his head and sighed while saying, “I’m not sure about that! We were preparing to send someone to assist them but we met with the demon tribe’s sneak attack. Following that, we were also trapped in their encirclement and were almost annihilated by the devils. So we didn’t have any ability to go rescue them at all…”

Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s expressions turned grave.

There was no sight of Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi in the previous 11 campsites.

From another perspective, the possibility of them staying at the last campsite was extremely high!

And that campsite had already been surrounded by the demon tribe since a month ago. They were totally cut off from the outside world…

Wouldn’t that mean that those two young lasses were also trapped inside?

If that allied armies’ campsite was annihilated by the demon tribe, no one knew what danger would the two young ladies meet when they wander outside!

Jun Sihan said, “In this case, it is highly likely that campsite has already fallen into the demon tribe’s clutches?”

Meng Dajun saw their ghastly expressions and said in hindsight, “Ughh, this… this might not be true! The Divine Lieutenant responsible for the campsite on the north is Li Yukun from the Cloudy Qilin Clan! He is most adept in commanding and famous for his skills in arrays! Facing those devils’ attacks, he will be able to persist for a long time!”

“If the both of you head over, perhaps you might be able to turn things around…”

“Li Yukun?” Jun Sihan repeated his name thoughtfully.

Li Moying’s gaze immediately landed on him. “Why? Do you know him?”

Jun Sihan nodded and said, “That’s right, this person is a renowned commander! Although his ability is very ordinary, in terms of commanding the troops on the battlefield, he is very skillful! With him around, the possibility of the north campsite still holding fast is very high.”

Li Moying was slightly assured, but he said swiftly, “Let’s go right now!”

“Alright! Divine Lieutenant Meng, goodbye!”

Jun Sihan responded positively and the two of them hurriedly led their guards and left.

Watching them hurrying off, Meng Dajun sighed again.

“Young people nowadays are awesome! Even though they’re still so young and hold such noble statuses, the way they speak in such a decisive manner was so graceful… Indeed a large clan’s successor! Cloudy Qilin Clan and Veracious Wyvern Clan need not worry for the next few thousand years! In comparison, we Ice Serpent Clan might also be one of the 12 god clans, but…”

“What?? What did you say? Divine Lieutenant…. How is he exactly?”

Huang Yueli sprinted all the way and immediately dashed into Li Yukun’s tent.

At this moment, Li Yukun’s bed was already crowded with people.

The campsite’s Commanders have all arrived.

The army’s medics sat beside his bed and took his pulse. After a long time later, they sighed and shook their heads.

Their meaning was rather obvious… there was no hope!

Everyone’s heart thumped!

The devil army might have temporarily retreated today, but that Sky Devil Rui Xuan wasn’t fatally injured. As long as he recuperate for some time, he would show up again.

Whereas for them, the most powerful pillar who was capable of commanding strategies was about to die…

At this juncture, if Li Yukun were to die, how would the remaining people possibly be able to block off the demon tribe’s next attack?

“Everyone, don’t be so anxious. Perhaps there’s hope for Divine Lieutenant?”