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Chapter 3114: Li Moying Who Went To The Frontlines (3)

The two young men exchanged a glance and one of them said, “Divine Lieutenant Meng, don’t stand on ceremony. Since we’ve already met with the demon tribe, it’s just part of our duty to kill them.”

The other party just downplayed their achievements, and that made Meng Dajun even more shocked!

Because that meant that defeating that devil army was not some difficult task to these two Young Masters!

To a regular army, it was already very difficult to deal with the devil army. But in their eyes, it was merely something that they could easily handle!

“I wonder what are their backgrounds…”

Meng Dajun thought silently, but he could not ascertain their identities.

He probed carefully, “No matter what, both of you are our campsite’s saviors! I will do my best to show my gratitude. I wonder how do I address both Young Masters?”

The two of them were just about to speak when a Commander behind Meng Dajun suddenly made a startling sound.

“Ah! Isn’t he… no, that’s not right. How would that Young Master possibly come to this kind of place…”

Meng Dajun abruptly turned around and asked, “You know these two Young Masters?”

The Commander who was asked felt that he had misspoke earlier. So he covered his mouth, attempting to pretend that he didn’t say anything at all.

But since Divine Lieutenant had already asked, he couldn’t just keep quiet.

This person carefully looked at the two expressionless men standing at the entrance and spoke out cautiously, “This… Divine Lieutenant, actually I only know one of them. If This Subordinate didn’t recognize wrongly… this person on the right is Veracious Wyvern Clan clan leader’s only son, Young Master Jun Sihan!”

“What?? Jun Sihan??”

“Young Master Jun’s status is noble. Why would he suddenly appear at the frontlines?”

“Did you recognize the wrong person?”

When Jun Sihan’s name was announced, it seemed as though a bolt of lightning had struck everyone’s head!

Among the ancient god clan families, each person’s identity and status were different, and it was arguably heavily fortified by hierarchy.

For someone like Jun Sihan who was the clan leader’s successor, and also a top peerless genius in God Realm, he was extremely famous. He was someone that ordinary god clan disciples would not hope to become.

Meng Dajun looked at Jun Sihan in disbelief. “May I ask, are you really…”

Jun Sihan nodded and cupped his fists in greeting. His attitude was relatively humble.

“Divine Lieutenant Meng, Commanders, I am indeed Jun Sihan. This person standing next to me is Cloudy Qilin Clan’s successor, Li Moying. We happened to pass by this place so defeating the demon tribe was just along the way. You need not be overly concerned about this.”

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at these two extremely outstanding young men.

Jun Sihan’s name was famous throughout the entire God Realm.

However, no one heard about Li Moying at all.

The reason was that he had just arrived in God Realm over a year ago. To ensure his safety, Cloudy Qilin Clan intentionally concealed his news, hence his identity had not been transmitted to a secluded place like this.

But because of Jun Sihan’s introduction and the both of them addressed each other like brothers, anyone could tell that Li Moying’s identity was not any lower than Jin Sihan’s!

These two God Realm’s noble top exponents actually appeared in this place at the same time…

All the practitioners present exchanged glances as they felt both excited and terrified.

Meng Dajun hastily asked, “Young Master Jun, Young Master Li, many thanks for your help! Both of you, please come into the tent to have a seat!”