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Chapter 3113: Li Moying Who Went To The Frontlines (2)

“What?? How is that possible??” The bearded Divine Lieutenant was amazed. “Don’t lie to This Divine Lieutenant!”

“That’s right, what exactly happened? Tell us clearly!”

“The demon tribe had already invaded the campsite, so don’t spread rumors to affect the morale of the army!”

“If you tell a lie, that is considered as deceit about the military situation. The punishment is the death penalty!”

The main tent’s few Commanders all spoke out. None of them believed what these soldiers were saying.

Because it sounded too ridiculous!

If the demon tribe were so easy to deal with, they would have defeated the devil’s invasion. How would they end up in this state?

Moreover, those soldiers that they sent to ask for aid were killed before they could leave the campsite. Who else would come and save them? Even if anyone passed by, how could they possibly be the devil army’s match?

The bearded Divine Lieutenant calmed down a little and sat despondently on his seat. Then he waved his hand.

“Forget it. Now that things have come to this, there’s no point for me to give you the death penalty. We can’t protect the campsite so if you wish to escape, go ahead and do so. It’s already very loyal of you to persist until now…”

The bearded Divine Lieutenant was so disheartened that he had no intention to pursue the responsibility against these soldiers.

But these soldiers weren’t willing to leave. Instead, all of them had anxious looks on their faces.

“Divine Lieutenant, Commanders, we… we’re not lying about the military situation! It’s true… someone really came to save us!! Moreover, they managed to defeat the devil army!”

“That’s right, Divine Lieutenant, we will not dare to lie.”

The few soldiers kept blabbering on, but what they said was the same. Every single one of them insisted that the reinforcements had really arrived!

After they said so much, the bearded Divine Lieutenant was also having doubts.

Even though he knew that this could not possibly happen, in times of desperation, one would easily develop some hope.

He thought to himself, “Could it be that we’re not meant to die today? Someone really…”

“Come, let’s go take a look!”

The bearded Divine Lieutenant gave his command and the Commanders hurriedly followed behind him.

Just as they were prepared to walk out of the tent, a group of people walked over.

Seeing them, the soldiers who reported earlier immediately jumped up in excitement. “Divine Lieutenant, it’s them! It’s them! Earlier, these two Young Masters and their subordinates saved all of us!”

The bearded Divine Lieutenant looked up and saw two handsome god clan practitioners walking in.

These two people looked very young, as though they were in their 20s. But the aura they gave off seemed as though they had been holding an esteemed position for years. Under such pressurizing aura, everyone in the tent couldn’t help but lower their heads.

Even the bearded Divine Lieutenant was not spared.

“Both… Both Young Master, are you the ones who drove away from the devil army? I am this campsite’s Commanding Officer, Meng Dajun, and I’m from the Ice Serpent Clan. This… I’d like to express my deepest gratitude on behalf of everyone from the campsite…”

Meng Dajun’s voice grew softer and softer, and the sweat on his forehead started to drip.

Even he couldn’t understand why. He was the campsite’s leader and his rank was already at Divine Lieutenant. In ordinary practitioners’ eyes, he would be considered a powerful person with noble status and a high-ranking officer. But not knowing why, in front of these two young god clan practitioners, he felt that he was much inferior to them. He was even stammering as he spoke.