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Chapter 3115: Li Moying Who Went To The Frontlines (4) 

Li Moying and Jun Sihan helped them so much and they were both noble aristocrats, so Meng Dajun naturally wanted to show his gratitude and to be on good terms with them.

Whoever knew, Li Moying instantly shook his head to reject his invitation.

“Divine Lieutenant Meng, many thanks for your kind intentions but we have something urgent to do. Hence we can’t stay here for long.”

Meng Dajun was stunned. “What? You’re leaving? What’s the rush? I haven’t even shown my gratitude towards both of you yet! No matter what urgent matter you have on hand, why don’t you stay and have a meal first?”

However, Jun Sihan also said, “Divine Lieutenant Meng, there’s no need to go to so much hassle. We’re leaving right now!”

The both of them rejected him so resolutely, and that was really out of everyone’s expectations.

No one knew what pressing matter these two noble Young Masters had on hand, that they couldn’t even afford to take some time off to have a meal.

Moreover, in a place like the frontlines, the surroundings were full of the devil army who were eyeing them. So not one place was safe! What pressing matter could they possibly have at this kind of place?

“Could it be that… the allied armies had given them a mission?”

“But if it’s true, why didn’t the two of them say it outright? Could some secret be involved in this?”

Meng Dajun’s thoughts wandered and he thought that he had already understood what was going on. Hence he said, “Since the both of you have something urgent, then I won’t force you to stay. But I wonder what pressing matter do you have to handle? Is there anything that I can help you with? Please, just let me know if there is!”

Li Moying instantly asked, “Great, there’s one thing that I’d like to ask. In the past fortnight, did two young human men appeared near the campsite?”

“Young human men?” Meng Dajun was stunned.

Li Moying added, “That’s right. They look like they’re in their 30s or so, and their cultivations are between Dream Profound Realm early to mid-phase. One of them is tall and thin and looks very handsome. He’s the kind that girls will fall in love instantly while the other looks more ordinary, the kind with a common face where one wouldn’t notice him in the crowd.”

Li Moying was silently feeling gloomy as he asked.

His Li’er’s disguise had always been focused on weakening her existence.

Every time after her disguise, even those who had seen her previously wouldn’t be able to recognize her at all – she was just too ordinary!

Usually, it meant that her standard of disguise was very high.

But when Li Moying wanted to search for her, he realized that Huang Yueli’s habit made one feel extremely gloomy. He wanted to describe her looks, but he didn’t know where to start from!

Luckily, Jun Sihan’s fiancée loved to dress up. Even when she was in disguise, she wasn’t willing to look ugly.

This supplied them with a huge convenience when they were searching for these two ladies.

After Meng Dajun heard Li Moying’s description, he couldn’t help but took another look at them.

“Looks very handsome, the kind that girls will fall in love instantly…”

“Could they be talking about themselves?”

But Meng Dajun naturally knew that Li Moying wouldn’t say that about himself. He racked through his memories and eventually shook his head.

“No, I really haven’t seen them! We had always been attacked by the devil army in the past month. Other than the campsite’s soldiers, I haven’t seen any other outsider humans! I’m certain I haven’t seen the two men you mentioned.”

Hearing that, Li Moying and Jun Sihan exchanged a glance and saw the disappointment and worry in each other’s eyes.