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Chapter 3112: Li Moying Who Went To The Frontlines (1)

This battle lasted till morning.

When the devil soldiers escaped, they were overly flustered and many of them were killed by those human soldiers!

However, the allied armies’ losses incurred were extremely serious. Not only were there a lot of people who died, but many resources and the campsite structure were also damaged by the devils.

Huang Yueli’s Team 3 members reaped the most rewards. A huge amount of devil stones were credited into their accounts.

She was in a good mood because they defeated a strong enemy.

But this mood only lasted before the moment she stepped into the campsite.

“Team Leader Li, you’re finally back! Divine Lieutenant asks you to head towards the main tent immediately once you’re back!”

The minute she appeared, two soldiers who were filled with anxiety rushed up to welcome her.

Huang Yueli asked in astonishment, “Why? Did something happen?”

“Earlier when Divine Lieutenant fought against the Sky Devil, the demonic qi had affected his meridians and internal organs, causing it to be seriously damaged. He… he’s about to die!”

“What??” Huang Yueli sucked in a breath of cold air and instantly ran towards the main tent!

Among the 12 campsites on the frontlines, Li Yukun’s stronghold was not the only campsite that was under siege by the demon tribe.

In reality, the demon tribe went on an all-out attack this time. So all the frontline strongholds were more or less affected.

At this very moment, another stronghold that was nearest to Li Yukun was also attacked by the demon tribe.

“Di…Divine Lieutenant! The demon tribe is increasing in numbers. We… we can’t hold on any longer!” A commander, whose face was covered in blood, knelt on the ground and spoke with a quivering voice.

The bearded Ice Serpent Clan’s Divine Lieutenant revealed a malevolent expression.

“Who allowed you guys to step down? Even if we die, we must protect the campsite! All of you, go and replace those who fell!”

The commander gripped his long sword and trembled as he spoke, “Divine Lieutenant, the majority of This Subordinate’s team had already sacrificed themselves. As for those remaining people, they are still holding on. But… it’s just a matter of time that they fall too. The campsite… we really can’t protect it any longer…”

The bearded Divine Lieutenant punched his fist hard on the wall, but as it tugged the injury on his chest, his brows creased together because of the pain.

“Damn it! Why did the demon tribe suddenly come out with so many top exponents! Moreover, it’s a sudden attack! Now, we can’t even send out any news for help. If they were to attack Blessed City, the consequences would be dire!”

All the practitioners kept silent.

Everyone knew this logic, but now, there was really nothing they could do…

Just then, a commotion broke out from the entrance of the campsite.

A few soldiers rushed into the tent as they staggered.

“Di… Divine Lieutenant…”

“What’s the matter?” The bearded Divine Lieutenant jumped up in an instant, as though he was struck by lightning. “Has the demon tribe already invaded into our campsite?”

Everyone had on a bleak and devastated expression on their faces.

Even though they had already tried their best, but… the campsite still couldn’t be saved…

The soldiers shook their heads furiously. “No… it’s not that… we… we are saved!”

“What??” The bearded Divine Lieutenant went into a blank, then instantly came to the front of those few people. “What do you mean by we are saved? Quickly! Explain yourselves!”

The soldier panted and said, “Earlier, there… there were two Young Masters who led their subordinates to our campsite. Those people’s abilities are very strong, and it didn’t take them much effort to kill the demon tribe’s Commanding Officer. The demon tribe has already retreated…”