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Chapter 3111: Who’s In The Array? (3)

The humans in the campsite originally bore no hopes at all.

Seeing the defensive array and mechanism on the high platform in the southeast direction enveloped in thick black smoke, it seemed as though everything was finished!

The allied armies… were done for!

But just at this moment, vigorous tremors could be felt under everyone’s feet.

Immediately following that, a ray of silver light shone from the high platform!

This ray of silver light seemed like dawn breaking, as it tore the black demonic qi apart from the middle!

Sky Devil Rui Xuan’s expression originally surfaced a delightful smile. But at this moment, his smile instantly congealed!

“W… What? How is this possible??”

His eyes widened in disbelief, not daring to believe that what he saw was true!

By the time he came round to his senses and was preparing to escape, it was already too late!

The distance between Rui Xuan and the high platform was less than a hundred meters. After the mechanism was activated, powerful energy instantly blasted right in front of his chest!

As he was very near, the damage dealt was much more serious than the previous two times!

Rui Xuan’s body flew out in an instant!

He fell over a few hundred meters before landing heavily in front of the campsite’s entrance.

In an instant, the entire campsite went silent. No matter if it was the allied armies or the demon tribe, no one dared to make a sound.

Everyone looked at the high platform in front, not daring to believe in their eyes!

Even Li Yukun also felt that he was in a dream.

He naturally knew that the few rays of silver light were shot from the mechanism which was attached to the defensive array. But even though he knew this clearly, there were many parts that he could not comprehend.

“Wasn’t that mechanism only facing the front of the campsite? How did it suddenly change direction?”

He had activated that mechanism multiple times in the past, but never had it ever displayed such power!

“If a mechanism can deal a Sky Devil with such heavy injury, then the campsite’s defense wouldn’t be so weak.”

“What on earth is going on? Was there an incredible Spiritual Armament Master who reformed the mechanism?”

“But this isn’t possible…”

Just as everyone was bewildered, a glimmer of light suddenly lit up on the high platform again.

Sky Devil Rui Xuan had just managed to climb up from the ground, and he saw the changes on the high platform with his peripheral vision.

The colour on his face drained completely. “Damn it! How many magical beast cores does this campsite have? That damn mechanism can still be activated?”

He had already suffered a serious internal injury, and if he took on one more blow, he might really die here!

Thinking of this, Rui Xuan clenched his teeth and suddenly turned around. Then he immediately scuttered out of the campsite.

“Lord Rui Xuan—!!”

Seeing that, all the practitioners in the demon tribe were shocked and they shouted in alarm.

Their Commander-in-chief had already escaped so the rest of the demon tribe were not interested in continuing to fight. So they hurriedly escaped out of the campsite.

The human soldiers still hadn’t come back to their senses, as they stood in a daze.

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi jumped down from the high platform and shouted, “Why are you all still in a daze? Hurry up and clean up those devils from the campsite!”

The human soldiers awoke from their stupor and raised their weapons, chasing after the devils.

Wang Yuxin had already gathered most of Team 3 and Team 4’s practitioners and led them to wait near the defensive array.

Huang Yueli and Xia Yun led their subordinates to earn their military merits.