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Chapter 3110: Who’s In The Array? (2)

Xia Yunxi heaved a sigh of relief and sat limply on the ground.

She originally thought that Huang Yueli was done restoring the array and this battle should have come to an end.

Whoever knew that after two consecutive attacks, Huang Yueli stopped.

Seeing the furious Sky Devil Rui Xuan almost reaching them, Xia Yunxi couldn’t take it any longer.

“Yueli, you… why are you still in a daze? Quick! Activate the mechanism again? Otherwise, all our efforts will be wasted!”

Huang Yueli smiled bitterly. “This… I also want to activate the mechanism, but I didn’t bring enough magical beast cores…”

Activating a mechanism that could injure a Sky Devil grade top exponent severely required an astonishing amount of energy!

Even if Huang Yueli carried a lot of crystal jades, she didn’t expect herself to need so many magical beast cores all of a sudden. So she didn’t gather it beforehand.

Those left in her interspatial ring were obtained from Soaring Heavens Continent when she hunted and killed those ninth tiered magical beasts!

Lower Realm magical beasts’ abilities were far off from God Realm’s spirit beasts, and the amount of energy contained in their magical beast cores was extremely pathetic.

Although Huang Yueli had already taken out all her magical beast cores, these cores were completely depleted after just two attacks!

The speed of consumption was so fast that Huang Yueli had not expected it at all.

But she couldn’t be bothered about the number of magical beast cores that she had to offer. Because the biggest problem on hand now was that the array couldn’t be activated. Moreover, Sky Devil Rui Xuan hadn’t even been dealt with a fatal blow yet!

On the contrary, he was thoroughly enraged and was about to rip them to pieces!

Based on Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi’s abilities, they wouldn’t be able to fight against a Sky Devil.

Huang Yueli was a little stunned. In a second, multiple ideas flashed past her mind, but none of it were realistic. So the best idea for them now… was to slip away and escape for their lives!

Xia Yunxi couldn’t help but glower at her upon hearing that.

“It’s just two attacks and you don’t have enough magical beast cores?? Didn’t you take out one whole pile just now? Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

As Xia Yunxi ridiculed her, the former grabbed a handful of magical beast cores and throw them towards Huang Yueli.

“Quick, quick, quick! These magical beast cores should be more than enough for you to use!” Xai Yunxi urged.

Huang Yueli looked down and her eyes instantly lit up!

Those magical beast cores that Xia Yunxi gave were from God Realm’s spirit beasts. Moreover, the grade of those was very high!

“Wow, you’re really rich! These magical beast cores aren’t cheap, eh?”

Huang Yueli might be saying that, but her hands were not staying still at all. She instantly placed those magical beast cores on their mechanisms’ core positions.

“Lowly human! It’s time for you to die—!! You dare to injure me, I’ll make sure your life is turned into a living hell!”

Sky Devil Rui Xuan was just several hundred meters away from them.

He lifted his hand, and a ray of demonic qi swiftly crashed onto the fence outside the high platform!

Rui Xuan didn’t want to kill those two humans so easily. He wanted to crush them, then capture them and slowly torture them.

Xia Yunxi’s breathing almost stopped as she looked at Huang Yueli arranging the magical beast cores with widened eyes.

The speed of those slender fingers was so fast that it made her eyes blurry!

Huang Yueli’s forehead was filled with sweat. Under this kind of life-threatening situation, the speed of her movements was raised to the maximum!

Finally, just as the high platform was completely swallowed by the demonic qi, she successfully activated the mechanism!