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Chapter 3104: Arrival Of The Sky Devil (4)

“Things are… going to be troublesome this time!” Huang Yueli’s brows were tightly knitted as she started to feel uneasy.

The current situation was very obvious. The demon tribe mobilized their whole army and the Sky Devil Commanding Officer, Rui Xuan personally joined in the battle.

As the Commanding Officer for this campsite, Li Yukun was also the one with the highest cultivation. So his only choice was to meet with the enemy’s challenge directly!

But the disparity between their abilities was so obvious. There was no possibility that Li Yukun would possibly win.

Perhaps, after they fought for a few rounds, Li Yukun might be killed!

If he were to die, this campsite would completely lose its backbone. Those few Commanders wouldn’t be able to command these human soldiers at all.

By then, the entire campsite would be turned into a mess, and all the soldiers would scutter everywhere. They wouldn’t be able to combine their forces and the result would end up being killed by the demon tribe!”

This stronghold would be wiped out!

“Looks like this is the catastrophe for our campsite…” Xia Yunxi’s voice sounded a little errant.

But just before Huang Yueli could ask, Li Yukun and Rui Xuan started to exchange blows!

A bolt of lightning descended from the sky and clashed against Rui Xuan’s surrounding demonic qi!

A powerful explosion was caused by the impact which made the ground shake continuously. The ground under the soldiers’ feet started to shatter, forming crevices!

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi evaded the surrounding flying rocks and looked up into the sky.

This was Huang Yueli’s first time seeing a Sky Devil grade devil making his move.

Rui Xuan’s body was like a black hole, which continuously sucked in the surrounding energy.

Strand after strand of black demonic qi was pulled from the air, gathering in his palm!

If it was said the demonic qi that ordinary devils used was similar to a kind of black smoke, then the demonic qi that Rui Xuan gathered had already congealed into a black liquid substance whereby it’s impossible to see through it with the naked eye!

Li Yukun was from the Cloudy Qilin Clan so he was also a thunder attribute practitioner like Li Moying.

Huang Yueli wasn’t very well-versed in thunder attribute. But as she had seen Li Moying making his moves multiple times, she could tell something from it as well.

Li Yukun’s cultivation was much higher than Li Moying’s. Hence the Heaven and Earth thunder attributed Profound Qi that he gathered was actually very powerful.

But unlike Li Moying, he couldn’t release the might within totally. In fact, he could only display 70% of the power!

Under the impending pressure of the demon tribe’s top exponent, Li Yukun’s defeat was becoming very obvious. He went through perilous moments, and there were a few times when he almost died!

If it wasn’t because of the mid grade Holy Armament armor that he was wearing, he would have died long ago!

The more Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi looked, the graver their feelings were.

It seemed that Li Yukun losing this battle was unavoidable!

The moment he fell, this campsite…

Could it be that they could only choose to escape during this current chaotic moment?

Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes and her thoughts swiftly raced. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she stretched out to grab Xia Yunxi’s wrist.

“Yunxi, come with me!”

Xia Yunxi was stunned. “Where are you going? It’s very dangerous right now. If we don’t hide well, we might be killed at any moment!”

When two first-class top exponents exchanged blows, if one was hit by the dispersed remnant energy, one would either be injured or die!