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Chapter 3103: Arrival Of The Sky Devil (3)

The Sky Devil took a brief look at him and laughed loudly, “You might be a piece of trash, but you do understand yourself well! Since you’re so tactful, I will give you another chance. Lead your soldiers here and quickly surrender to save my effort. I can let you die a quick death!”

When he said that, some of the allied armies’ soldiers couldn’t take it and started to shout.

“Damn devil, even if we die, we will absolutely not surrender to you!”

“That’s right, we will not surrender!”

“We still don’t know who will be the ones to die! We will definitely chase you mutants out of God Realm!”

The allied armies’ practitioners might have their personal motives, but when it came to a life-threatening moment, the majority of them still exercised their pride as military officers.

The more important thing was that everyone was well aware that the demon tribe was vicious and ruthless. Even if they surrendered, they still wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of death. In that case, rather than being labeled as someone who surrendered, they would rather take the chance and fight. At least, they would be labeled as a warrior after they died!

Hearing the human soldiers’ shouts, Li Yukun’s expression changed.


Before he could finish his sentence, the Sky Devil had already waved his right hand.

A black demonic qi resembling tiny needles flew out and pierced through the chests of those few soldiers who just spoke!


The few of them threw up a mouthful of blood and their faces instantly turned as black as coal, as they lay dead on the ground.

Li Yukun also made his move instantly to block off the Sky Devil’s attack. But the disparity of cultivations between the two of them and adding on to the fact that the Sky Devil made a move first, the former wasn’t able to save those soldiers’ lives.

Seeing the unresigned look in those soldiers’ eyes, Li Yukun’s expression instantly turned cold.

“What’s your name?”

“You’re asking This Commander?” The Sky Devil sneered, “Based on your cultivation, you have no right to know This Commander’s name! But This Commander will make an exception and tell you. I am Rui Xuan! And I’m from one of the eight aristocratic families! It’s your honor for a trash like you to die in my hands!”

“Rui Xuan?” Huang Yueli mumbled this name softly, as she delved into her thoughts.

Xia Yunxi lowered her voice and said, “The Rui family is a true blue powerful leader in the demon tribe and their statuses are on par with the god clans! No wonder he’s still so young but already in the Sky Devil stage.”

Huang Yueli suddenly understood and said, “Then the Sky Devil end-phase devil that is in closed door cultivation, the one called Rui Ze, is also from the Rui family?”

“I think most probably!” Xia Yunxi nodded.

Just as they were conversing in a low voice, Sky Devil Rui Xuan and Li Yukun were also approaching each other in the center of the campsite.

When they were only twenty meters away from each other, they stopped in their tracks.

At the same time, their auras rose swiftly!

The Heaven and Earth Profound Qi were drawn to them and appeared in the shape of a vortex, swiftly gathering towards the center of the campsite!

Those allied armies’ soldiers and devils standing around were affected by it and all of them revealed pained expressions as they started to back off.

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi’s cultivation was much higher than theirs. Although they didn’t feel very comfortable, they were still able to endure it.

Huang Yueli looked at Xia Yunxi and said, “It looks like the battle between the Sky Devil Rui Xuan and our Divine Lieutenant is unavoidable!”

Xia Yunxi spoke with a grave expression, “Divine Lieutenant is the Commander-in-chief here. Even if he knows that he will lose, there is no way for him to evade the battle!”