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Chapter 3105: Persist A Little Longer! (1)

“I know it’s very dangerous, but if we don’t take action, this campsite will really be finished!” Huang Yueli frowned.

Xia Yunxi stared at her and asked in surprise, “Why? You thought of a way to save all of us?”

Huang Yueli nodded slightly. “It’s just an idea! Earlier when we first came, we once saw the mechanisms around the campsite releasing a huge amount of energy to defeat the devil army who came to attack us. Do you still remember that?”

Xia Yunxi nodded. “Of course I do! This mechanism and the defense array work together. As long as there is sufficient energy, it would be able to deal a certain amount of damage to a Sky Devil grade devil!”

Saying that, she suddenly understood what Huang Yueli meant. “You are thinking… of using this mechanism to attack that Sky Devil, and help Divine Lieutenant?”

“Yes.” Huang Yueli nodded.

Xia Yunxi hurriedly said, “You… you probably aren’t aware that it is not possible! When that mechanism was set up, the direction had been fixed. So that means the direction of attack is aimed only at the exterior of the campsite!”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “That’s not a problem, right? As long as we make the mechanism change its direction, wouldn’t that do?”

Xia Yunxi said in shock, “You only checked the array once. Are you sure you can turn the mechanism around? The allied armies’ arrays and mechanisms are extremely complicated. Ordinary Sky Gem Grandmasters also find it hard to grasp!”

Huang Yueli replied, “Of course, I have some certainty. No matter what, we don’t have any other way, so shouldn’t we give it a try?”

However, Xia Yunxi’s worries were still not eradicated. She thought for a moment and said, “Even if you manage to turn the mechanism’s direction, Divine Lieutenant is currently engaged in a battle with the Sky Devil and they keep moving around. How are you going to aim at them? A slight deviation might just kill Divine Lieutenant instead!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s brows also creased. Apparently, she was posed with a difficult question.

“What you said is logical, but… there’s no point to say all these right now. Surely we can’t stay here and be sitting ducks, right? Let’s take a look first then decide!”

“Alright then, let’s hurry!”

The two of them came to an agreement and didn’t dare to delay any time. They instantly got up from their hiding spot and continued to move towards the array.

Their positions were relatively near to where Li Yukun and Rui Xuan were engaged in battle. They were merely 500 meters away from them.

Under the impact, the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi from the ground causing it to shake continuously.

Many soldiers from both the humans and demon tribe fell to the ground beside them.

Both of them used all their means and their best Profound Skill to safely avoid those shattered rocks.

Finally, the two of them arrived at the high platform where the defensive array was.

Sky Devil Rui Xuan had already made pre-emptive measures and arranged a team of devil soldiers waiting near the array.

But these devil soldiers were impacted by the remnant energies and were pretty disheveled.

Seeing two human practitioners suddenly popping up, the devils instantly rushed upwards and swung their swords to slash them!

“Damn human, what are you doing here?”

“Stop talking rubbish, just slash them!”

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi let out a sneer at the same time.

They were people with swift reactions, and it only took them a turn to easily avoid the devil’s attacks.

However, they were not interested in fighting. The two of them quickly jumped into the air, stepped on the devil’s head, and leaped onto the high platform!