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Chapter 3077: Regret Their Past Decision (1)

“That’s right, Team Leader Li. We didn’t know that when the original standard formation is used to mount a joint attack, it could display such powerful force!”

“This really is… too… too miraculous!”

The soldiers were extremely agitated and Huang Yueli’s lips kept twitching.

“I’m really happy that all of you are willing to listen to my commands, but… you’re not allowed to throw me into the air in the future! Do you hear me??”

“Ughh, this… Team Leader, we were wrong. We’re just a little overly excited…”

“You can’t do that even if you’re overly excited!”

After Huang Yueli gave them a lecture, she turned around and walked towards Zheng Yichuan who was sitting dully on the ground.

Seeing Huang Yueli coming close, Zheng Yichuan and his comrades immediately knelt on the ground.

Zheng Yichuan’s forehead touched the ground, not daring to look up at Huang Yueli.

“Li… Team Leader Li, This Subordinate did not fulfill the military order and left the team on my own accord. This Subordinate… deserved to die! Will… will Team Leader please punish…”

The other comrades who left with him all knelt as well, not daring to move.

Huang Yueli lowered her head and took a look at them. Then she slowly said, “Today when I set off, I’ve already decided that after the battle ends, I will punish all of you according to military regulations, as a warning to others!”

Hearing that, Zheng Yichuan and the others trembled. But none of them pleaded for mercy.

If they were to be punished according to military regulations, that would mean the death penalty!

Even if Huang Yueli were to kill them with her sword right now, they had nothing to explain. Because this was something that they deserved!

Zheng Yichuan might be a chivalrous person, but he made use of his outstanding cultivation and was arrogant and obstinate. In the team, he had always stood out as a pain in the a*s. The previous team leader had a big headache trying to deal with him.

But the old team leader valued his ability. So usually, even if he did something against the military regulation, the former simply closed an eye to it.

This gave Zheng Yichuan a disillusion that he had special authority because of his cultivation which was slightly more outstanding than ordinary soldiers. He might even be promoted faster than the others.

Hence after the previous team leader passed away and his promotion to team leader failed, anger got to him, causing him to commit such a serious mistake…

Now, after experiencing near death and upon seeing Huang Yueli’s high leveled commanding standard, he had no choice but to admit that he was totally wrong!

Alas, it was already too late to understand this now…

Standing behind Huang Yueli, a soldier opened his mouth and wanted to plead for Zheng Yichuan.

“Team Leader…”

A tall soldier hurriedly grabbed him and said, “Shut up. The more you speak, the angrier Team Leader will get! Don’t worry, Team Leader won’t kill Brother Zheng!”

He suppressed his voice to a minimum, practically whispering in his teammate’s ear.

But then, Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t hear anything and turned to look at him.

That tall soldier was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat and almost knelt on the ground.

But Huang Yueli merely took a look at him and shifted her glance away.

That tall soldier shut his mouth quickly, not daring to say anything. No matter if he had seen it wrongly or not, it was just too scary!

Huang Yueli looked at Zheng Yichuan and the others who knelt on the ground.

“Let me ask you this. Earlier when you were being pursued by the devils and ran into the forest, did you already see us?”

Zheng Yichuan was stunned. But following that, he nodded his head.