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Chapter 3076: Long Live Team Leader Li! (3)

He couldn’t sense a lot of Profound Energy fluctuations from Huang Yueli at all.

Arms around her chest, she leaned against the tree with a calm and tranquil expression. Huang Yueli would occasionally shout out some commands for Team 3’s practitioners. But her tone was always that calming from the start to the end.

Even though the two Earth Devils’ attacks were becoming fiercer and fiercer, or the situation was getting direr, there wasn’t any undulation in her emotions at all.

Zheng Yichuan originally couldn’t understand this. But after he listened to her commands for a while, he couldn’t conceal the shock in his heart!

Lesser than 30 human soldiers trying to kill two Earth Devils was originally an impossible thing to achieve.

But Team 3’s team members were attacking skilfully with ease on her commands.

Every time an accident happened, she would be able to save the situation with the every-charging formations.

The Earth Devils struggled long and hard, but the result was fruitless. Their injuries were getting more and more serious…

Now that things had come to this, Zheng Yichuan surely could tell that this was all because of Huang Yueli’s incisive foresight and accurate commands.

Even though he didn’t witness her killing the devils personally, based on her level of commands, she was absolutely a top exponent who did not show her true ability!

Zheng Yichuan thought, “Seems that I’ve really misjudged him…”

Time flew past swiftly and around one hour later, one of the Earth Devils finally couldn’t withstand the human practitioners’ continuous attacks and fell to the ground.

The other devil might have lasted a little longer than the first, but the result, in the end, was still the same.

After the two devils were killed, reality still hadn’t sunk in for Team 3’s and they subconsciously took their positions based on the formations.

After a while later, they stopped and realized that they had completed this amazing feat!

“Heavens, we… we’ve really killed two Earth Devils simultaneously!!”

“We did it, we did it!!!”

“Yay! Long live Team 3, long live Team Leader Li—!!!”

The soldiers couldn’t help but cheer loudly. Some of them were so emotional that they cried!

A powerful enemy which they originally couldn’t fight against was successfully killed by them. Moreover, none of their teammates had been injured!

This huge disparity could only be felt by those who had genuinely experienced it.

The human soldiers fell into ecstasy!

Huang Yueli clapped and smiled. “All of you have done well. Great job!”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s voice, the soldiers all turned towards her.

Huang Yueli suddenly had a bad premonition…

Before she had a clear understanding of what was going on, the soldiers were already running towards her. Without any warning, they lifted her and threw her into the sky!

“Long live Team Leader Li—!!”

“I… what the… cough cough, cough cough! Let… let me down!”

Huang Yueli didn’t expect such a thing to happen and was caught off guard, hence those soldiers managed to grab her.

She hurriedly tried to stop them but had choked on her saliva. That was why she couldn’t speak out momentarily.

In this way, the soldiers threw her in the air a few times before she landed on the ground dizzily.

The human soldiers crowded around her and looked at her with reverence.

“Team Leader Li, you’re too awesome! With you around, our battle power has increased by several notches!”