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Chapter 3071: Unexpected Choice (2)

As Team 3’s member, Zheng Yichuan ignored the military order. Not only did he not gather at the meeting point on time, he even urged several team members to act unilaterally.

Facing this kind of troublemaker, Huang Yueli didn’t want to care about him. She was thinking of how to punish him severely after they returned.

But she didn’t expect to meet this fellow halfway…

Huang Yueli raised her head and looked straight, only to discover that her vision had been blocked by a huge tree.

She could only nudge forward, found another hiding spot, and looked forward again.

On a small piece of vacant land in the forest, Zheng Yichuan and a few human soldiers were fleeing in a fluster. Right behind them was a group of devil soldiers brandishing their broad swords, pursuing them relentlessly.

“Damn humans, stop right there!”

“Run? Still trying to run? Do you think that the few of you can escape?”

“Stay still and prepare to die!”

The devil soldiers shouted arrogantly and aggressively, totally looking down on Zheng Yichuan and the others.

Whereas for Zheng Yichuan and his group, they seemed as though they were scared out of their wits. They were practically scuttering around everywhere in terror.

Huang Yueli was just finding it strange when she heard a soldier beside her shouting out in surprise, “Ah! Team Leader, take a look! There’s… an Earth Devil is chasing after them!”

Two Earth Devils trudged in an unhurried pace from the depths of the forest.

They didn’t chase after the enemy like the rest of the ordinary soldiers. Instead, they were several steps behind. That was why Huang Yueli didn’t see them earlier.

“Looks like Zheng Yichuan and the others are in big trouble. No wonder they’re in such a sorry state!”

Huang Yueli thought meaningfully at them but showed no intention of saving them.

Zheng Yichuan and the others didn’t come forward to gather. So according to military regulations, the punishment was also the death penalty. Not going forward to kill them was already a huge part of her self-restraint. Were they expecting her to save them?

She wasn’t this kind of goody-two-shoes.

However, Huang Yueli might not care about Zheng Yichuan and the others’ life and death, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t care about the soldiers under her.

Zheng Yichuan might be a recalcitrant person, but he was extremely loyal. He saved many Team 3 practitioners’ lives before this.

Now, seeing that he was in grave danger, these people couldn’t sit still. All of them wanted to head up and save him.

But without Huang Yueli’s command, they didn’t dare to act rashly. All of them shot an appealing gaze at Huang Yueli.

Some practitioners slightly nearer to Huang Yueli even pleaded softly, “Team Leader, will you please think of a way to save Brother Zheng?”

“Yes, Team Leader, Brother Zheng must have been confused for a moment. He’s actually a very good soldier. Please, save him!”

“He definitely knows that he was wrong, Team Leader…”

Huang Yueli was originally very indifferent and she didn’t care what the others said. But with so many of them talking, her brows started to crease slightly.

Everyone had a friend or two, so someone pleading for Zheng Yichuan wasn’t surprising at all.

But so many of them pleading for him made her relatively surprised!

One’s character could be seen from this.

Could it be that this Zheng Yichuan’s usual performance was not bad?

Just as Huang Yueli was pondering over this, a few soldiers who were on best terms with Zheng Yichuan got overly agitated and absent-mindedly walked forward, exposing themselves.

Although they immediately hid behind the tree again, from Zheng Yichuan’s shocked expression, he had already discovered their presence.