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Chapter 3070: Unexpected Choice (1)

The result was exactly as she expected.

These human soldiers might not have very high battle power if they were to fight alone. But if they unify their strength, they were able to display powerful abilities!

The soldiers slowly realized this point and they were emotionally moved!

This was the first time they deeply felt what great power would they derive from a team’s unity!

“Long live— Team Leader Li!”

“Long live Team Leader Li!!!”

“Team Leader Li, we will follow you for life! If you ask us to go to the East, we will never go to the West!”

“That’s right, Team Leader Li. Whatever instruction you have for us, just command us and we will do it accordingly!”

Earlier when Huang Yueli killed the Earth Devil, it merely made these practitioners convinced of her ability. But now, she could command them to use their power to defeat enemies who were even more powerful than themselves. This raised her prestige among those human soldiers.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and said softly, “Alright, I understand everyone’s intentions. But we’re now in the forest where the demon tribe hides. Can everyone lower your volumes? If we were to alert them, how are we going to claim our military merits?”

Hearing that, everyone almost shut their mouths instantly. The forest became extremely silent!

Now, who would doubt that Huang Yueli lacked the ability to lead them to win the military merits?

Everyone stared at Huang Yueli, waiting for her to lead the way.

She smiled and said, “Gather the devil stones first.”

The soldiers scrambled to dig out the devil stones. But none of them placed it into their pockets. Instead, they handed it over to Huang Yueli.

Her brows rose, but she didn’t reject it.

“I’ll temporarily keep these devils stones first. This Earth Devil was killed by you guys, so the military merits definitely belong to all of you. When Divine Lieutenant tallies the military merits, I will distribute it equally among each of you. Also, those people who stayed back at the granary will get a share.”

Huang Yueli did not forget those people who stayed behind.

Although they didn’t directly contribute to killing the Earth Devil, it was because of them protecting and maintaining the defense arrays’ normal operation that the others could have a chance to hunt the devils and earn military merits.

By doing this, she had considered every single person’s contribution and did not let anyone be disadvantaged.

Only in this way would the soldiers under her trust her even more. They would unconditionally accept every single command she gave, and not haggle over their personal gain or loss.

As expected, hearing what Huang Yueli said, none of the soldiers expressed any objections. On the contrary, they even showed an elated expression which seemed to show that they had followed the correct person!

With a fair team leader like Huang Yueli, every soldier was filled with joy.

It seemed that they would never have to worry about not gaining any military merit in the future!

After Huang Yueli kept the devil stones away, she led these practitioners towards the next possible location where the demon tribe might appear.

The human soldiers followed Huang Yueli confidently!

Before long, they heard a commotion inside the forest in front of them.

Under Huang Yueli’s signal, the soldiers scattered and hid behind the trees to observe the situation secretly.

“Hmm? The person in front… looks like Zheng Yichuan?” One of the soldiers gave a low shriek.

Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly, “Zheng Yichuan?”