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Chapter 3072: Unexpected Choice (3)

Zheng Yichuan’s sight shifted between those few big trees where Team 3’s members hid.

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, but at the same time, made preparations to attack the demon tribe.

Since Zheng Yichuan discovered their teammates, he would surely ask them for help.

Although she didn’t want to save them, if Zheng Yichuan were to run towards them, the demon tribe would definitely follow suit. To save their skins, she had no other choice but to attack those devils.

“Everyone, prepare…”

Huang Yueli gave her order in a low voice.

But before she could finish her sentence, Zheng Yichuan turned and ran in the other direction!

This time, what he did was totally out of everyone’s expectations.

Those human soldiers who gripped their weapons tightly were all stunned as they stood rooted to the ground.

“What is Brother Zheng doing?”

“That’s right. He obviously saw us earlier, why did he run away?”

“Could it be that he has bad eyesight and didn’t manage to recognize us?”

The human soldiers were dazed, but Huang Yueli was well aware of his intentions.

“This is interesting…” Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile. “This Zheng Yichuan is true as what you guys described, he’s indeed very chivalrous! He ran in the opposite direction to make the devil soldiers follow him because he’s afraid that he would implicate us!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Huh? Why did this happen? We can deal with this group of devils, isn’t it? Why does he need to do this?”

Huang Yueli swept a glance at the person who spoke up. “In the group that is pursuing Zheng Yichuan, there are two Earth Devils! He’s not aware that we are capable of killing two Earth Devils simultaneously, right?”

The soldiers were then enlightened.

“Oh, so this is why…”

Not too long ago, they had experienced it for themselves. Even they didn’t believe that they could kill an Earth Devil!

It was exactly because they killed an Earth Devil, which was why everyone subconsciously felt that Zheng Yichuan didn’t need to escape at all. Instead, they had forgotten about the fact that Zheng Yichuan’s understanding of them was still stuck in the past.

From his point of view, even if he sought help from Team 3, they wouldn’t be able to kill all the pursuers. Instead of dragging the others down, it was better for him to handle everything on his own instead.

After all, he was the one who invited these devils in the first place!

“This fellow indeed has a good personality. Based on the decision that he just made, he’s worthy of me saving him!”

Huang Yueli had a slightly good impression of Zheng Yichuan and immediately came up with a decision. “Everyone get prepared. Let’s go save them right now!”

“That’s wonderful!”

The soldiers cheered and prepared to dash out from the trees.

Huang Yueli hurriedly called out to them, “Wait, what’s the hurry? This time, these devils are totally not prepared. This is a great chance!”

The crowd was stunned. “Team Leader, why can’t we understand what you’re saying? What great chance are you talking about?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile. “The great chance… is to test if you can kill two Earth Devils simultaneously!”

“Huh? What??”

“Kill two Earth Devils simultaneously?? How is that possible?”

“Team… Team Leader, please stop joking with us! Killing one Earth Devil earlier almost killed us! Two… how is that even possible? We’re not as incredible as what you think…”

Although the team members were convinced by Huang Yueli, hearing such a ridiculous command still made them feel apprehensive.

Wasn’t this team leader of theirs excessively bold?