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Chapter 3069: Execute Those Who Defect (6)

This burst of Profound Energy crashed against the Earth Devil’s demonic qi!

After an ear-piercing explosion, the human soldiers couldn’t balance themselves and started to retreat.

After they managed to steady their footing, they took a look to discover that the Earth Devil had also been pushed back.

Moreover, there was a two-foot-long injury on the Earth Devil’s chest. It seemed to be a deep cut as blood kept spurting out.

“We… actually managed to injure the Earth Devil??”

“I… I’m not dreaming, am I?”

The human soldiers’ eyes widened in disbelief!

In the past, all that happened was to be chased by the Earth Devils. Even if they had more people on their side, their moves would often be scattered and there was no way to attack effectively. In the end, they would be crushed by the powerful demon tribe!

But this time, the result was totally different!

They saw how powerful this Earth Devil was with their own eyes!

But now, this Earth Devil had been injured by them and was about to fall to the ground.

The disparity made them unable to accept this momentarily.

Huang Yueli saw their reaction and raised her brows. Then she said, “Don’t stop, continue to attack! The third row, prepare to change with the front!”

When the human soldiers heard Huang Yueli’s voice, they instantly reacted and continued to attack the Earth Devil!

The Earth Devil was struck heavily again and again and his injuries were becoming more and more serious. Although he kept struggling unwillingly, the Earth Devil fell to the ground and succumbed to his injuries in the end…


Following the Earth Devil’s heavy crash, the forest instantly went silent.

But immediately after, the human soldiers couldn’t help but cheer jubilantly!

“Heavens, we did it!! We really managed to kill an Earth Devil!!”

“Not only did we kill an Earth Devil, but none of us were also injured at all!”

“This… I simply can’t believe that this is true!”

The crowd was deeply moved but moments later, they quickly recalled that they were able to achieve today’s breakthrough because of their team leader, Huang Yueli!

If it wasn’t for her who coerced them to face the enemy, and if it wasn’t for her splendid commands, all these would never have materialized!

Everyone turned around almost at the same time and looked at the place where Huang Yueli was.

The current Huang Yueli was leaning against a tall tree, watching them silently with her lips curled upwards.

By her feet was an Earth Devil’s corpse. Other than that, several devil soldiers lay lifelessly disorderly in the forest.

The human soldiers then recalled that other than the two Earth Devils who were fighting them, there were also more than twenty ordinary devil soldiers!

But ever since they went into a formation to surround that Earth Devil, those devil soldiers seemed to have vanished into thin air. They did not attack or harass them at all.

Earlier the situation was pressing and everyone’s senses were stretched taut. None of them had the time to notice this abnormality.

Now that they were able to relax, they just realized that the reason for those devil soldiers to not appear was because they had been warded off by Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli seemed as though she let an Earth Devil go, ignoring their fate. But actually, she was blocking off all the other pressure alone, giving Team 3’s soldiers a chance to cooperate and kill the Earth Devil!

Their defense and attack were actually under the protective gaze of Huang Yueli’s!

She had put in so much effort just to make them realize that this team’s real ability was far greater than what they had imagined!