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Chapter 3067: Execute Those Who Defect (4)

But those who stayed behind were prepared to die!

Just at this moment, a familiar voice was heard from the human soldiers’ backs.

“Aerial Bird Formation! Quickly, don’t stay in a daze. Everyone, form into the Aerial Bird Formation!”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s cold voice, everyone was rather surprised.

But under such an urgent situation, no one had the time to think too much and subconsciously obeyed her command.

The Aerial Bird Formation was one of the seven basic formations formulated by the allied armies. It was one of the basic training programs soldiers had to train every day.

Not only did every practitioner need to master this basic formation, but they also had to familiarize themselves with more than ten different variations. To the human soldiers, that had practically become their basic instinct.

Hearing Huang Yueli’s command, the practitioners swiftly adjusted their position and trapped the Earth Devil in the center with the Aerial Bird Formation.

The Earth Devil originally thought those humans would escape. They didn’t expect those people to surround them instead.

He was stunned for a moment. But following that, he gave an ear-piercing sinister laugh. “They’re people who would offer to die? This really saves my effort!”

He grabbed the cutlass in his hand and struck it out horizontally—

“Aerial Bird Formation third variation! The first row, defend!”

Huang Yueli’s voice rang once again.

All the practitioners instinctively followed her instructions.

“Crash, crash, crash, crash—”

Continuous loud noises were heard.

The Earth Devil’s cutlass struck the human soldier’s sword and swept across several men.

These human soldiers who were in the front row had no other choice but to clench their teeth and raise their swords to defend.

But whoever knew, after the ear-piercing noises and huge burst of impact, the expected pain did not appear. Other than their arms being a little numb, they were unharmed.

The soldiers subconsciously looked at the weapons that they were holding and went into a slight daze.

“What’s going on?”

The Earth Devil’s strength was far stronger than the ordinary soldiers, and it wasn’t something that they could withstand! If this happened in the past, they would have fallen long ago, sustaining heavy injuries and throwing up blood!

Before they could sort things out, the Earth Devil’s second strike came crashing down on them.

Huang Yueli commanded once again, “Don’t be in a daze, continue to defend! The first row, back down. The second row, take over!”

The soldiers had no time to hesitate and took action according to Huang Yueli’s command.

The Earth Devil’s second strike was blocked again!

Following that was the third and the fourth…

After many rounds of attack, the human soldiers finally came back to their senses.

It was not a coincidence that they could ward off the Earth Devil’s attack. It was because… they listened to Huang Yueli’s command and executed the different variations of the Aerial Bird Formation!

This new recognition made every soldier feel incomparably stunned!

It was because every one of them had learned the Aerial Bird Formation, and they knew that it was an important formation to raise the army’s battle power in large-scale battles.

But not one of them had ever thought that these formations could be used in small-scale battles as well.

Furthermore, it allowed young practitioners like them whose cultivations were only in the seventh or eighth stage realm to ward off an Earth Devil’s attack easily!

This… wasn’t this a little too miraculous?

Initially, those human soldiers weren’t very familiar with the change in variations. Someone would make a mistake or couldn’t keep up with Huang Yueli’s command.

But as the battle progressed, their tacit cooperation was becoming smoother and smoother.