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Chapter 3066: Execute Those Who Defect (3)

Seeing that, the human soldiers secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Luckily we have Team Leader Li here…”

“Having a top exponent here is a blessing.”

“Team Leader Li will definitely be able to hold off those Earth Devils!”

Unfortunately, the human soldiers’ beautiful wishes did not materialize. Just as their morale rose once again and was about to chase after those devil soldiers who were escaping, a burst of demonic qi suddenly shot towards the group!

“What’s going on??”

“Heavens! It’s an Earth Devil!”

“Team Leader Li only managed to hold one Earth Devil off. Another one is heading towards our side!”

Hearing this news, the human soldiers’ faces flushed white as they were filled with terror.

Their Team Leader didn’t manage to hold both Earth Devils off!

Now, the Earth Devil that was charging at their team would chop all the neighboring practitioners into minced meat whereas Huang Yueli was tied up with handling the other Earth Devil. Apparently, she would not be able to save them.

What should they do??

Escape… or brace themselves to fight?

This question popped up on everyone’s minds!

Although everyone knew that defecting from a battle was an extremely embarrassing thing. But no one would possibly not cherish their lives!

The amount of time left for the group to make the decision was very short. It would merely take four to five seconds before the Earth Devils came to a few hundred meters away from the practitioners.

Three practitioners swiftly decided to save their own lives. They turned around and ran towards the forest!

Seeing that someone taking the lead to escape, the remaining people also began to stir.

However, before they could take action, three flashes of lights slid past the sky!

“Pfft!” “Pfft!” “Pfft!”

Three continuous dull sounds were heard.

Before the group realized what was happening, the leader of the trip who escapes slipped and fell heavily on the ground! A thin but sharp dagger was stabbed into their backs, as blood started to seep onto their clothes…

For a moment in time, all the practitioners were stunned!

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli’s icy cold voice rang. “I’ve already warned everyone earlier! Those who get cold feet and run away during a battle will be punished according to the allied armies’ military regulations, which is the death penalty! I’ve already given you guys one chance. There will not be a second chance!”

Hearing that, the human soldiers trembled with fright.

It was true that Huang Yueli had fore-warned everyone earlier. All of them heard her loud and clear.

But no one expected that it was not just a threat. She would take action to kill those people who defect!

This swift and decisive method stunned every team member. No one dared to turn around and escape at this point.

In reality, it was already too late for them to escape.

The Earth Devils who attacked them might be big-sized and heavy and their speed wasn’t as swift as human practitioners. But such a long delay, they had already run to the center of the human soldiers.

No matter if the remaining soldiers were coerced to stay because of Huang Yueli’s threat, or if they wanted to protect their honor as a military officer, the result was still the same.

They only had one choice, so they raised their weapons and tried their best to fight against the Earth Devil’s attacks!

Indeed, even if it was the powerful Earth Devil, they couldn’t withstand the joint siege of more than 30 men. So as long as everyone was united, they would definitely be able to defeat the Earth Devils in the end.

But during this process, a large number of humans will be sacrificed. Moreover, no one knew if the person who died would be themselves.