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Chapter 3068: Execute Those Who Defect (5)

The speed in changing variations was becoming faster and faster.

Some soldiers with slightly higher power of comprehension had already carved out some internal pattern. Before Huang Yueli gave her command, they automatically shifted the formation.

Huang Yueli saw that and was pretty satisfied with their performance. She silently remembered those few soldiers.

The human soldier’s coordination was going smoothly and easily.

In comparison, the Earth Devil that was surrounded by them was becoming more and more irritable.

He originally thought these human soldiers who were not even in Dream Profound Realm couldn’t take more than two of his strikes. It wouldn’t take more than five minutes for him to chop all of them into pieces.

But whoever knew that the truth was very different from what he thought.

The human soldiers trapped him in the center with their formation and he fought hard for a very long time. Not only did he not manage to kill any human, they even trapped him within tightly. He couldn’t leave even if he wanted to!

“Damn humans!! It’s time to show you my power! All of you, die—!”

The Earth Devil growled as his face flushed a deep shade of red.

His body shape was originally expanded. But in an instant, he grew even taller by a huge notch, and his muscles bulged outwards.

At the same time, his demonic qi was unleashed, as strands of black smoke encircled his body.

Even if he didn’t make a move, one could tell that he had increased a lot more energy. The aura that he gave out had become exceptionally dangerous.

The human soldiers all trembled with fright when they saw him.

Huang Yueli had issued a warning and they didn’t dare to escape. But facing such a dangerous opponent, everyone couldn’t help but turn into cowards.

“Calm down a little! Isn’t he just an Earth Devil? What’s there to be afraid of?”

Huang Yueli’s voice was still so cold and undulated, no different from before.

But after they witnessed her astonishing power several times today, her voice was like the sound of nature to them.

Hearing her calm tone, the terrified soldiers instantly calmed down as well.

Those people who assumed that they couldn’t block off the Earth Devil’s attack just realized that their potential was so great under Huang Yueli’s command!

Now, perhaps… they might be able to create another miracle!

At this moment, the Earth Devil had already accumulated enough power. He lifted his broad sword and slashed it down at the human soldiers again!

Before this move even hit anyone, it was already filled with the sinister and evil demonic qi, which attacked the soldiers’ soul traces.

Huang Yueli unhurriedly gave her next command. “Next, change to the Hare Escape Formation!”

The human soldiers had already formed a tacit understanding and the speed in the change of formation was much faster than before.

It merely took a couple of seconds and they had also lined up into the new formation.

“Attack mode, fourth variation!”

The Earth Devil’s attack was already right in front of everyone and at this moment, their first reaction was to defend!

Under such a powerful attack, even if they defended fully, they might not be able to save themselves.

But now, Huang Yueli ordered them to give up on defense and attack fully??

“Is he intentionally fooling with us??”

The human soldiers were apprehensive and nervous, but their bodies subconsciously obeyed her commands!

The soldiers’ attacks were gathered through the formation, forming a tremendous amount of Profound Energy!