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Chapter 3059: Triumph in the First Battle (2)

The arrays set up around the granary were mainly on defense. There wasn’t any attack function at all.

No one expected that when those devils triggered the arrays, it exploded and caused so many of them to be injured or killed!

“What’s going on?”

When the human soldiers recalled the earlier scenario, they turned to look at Huang Yueli in fascination!

“Surely not? Could it be that… Team Leader Li had done something?? But how did he manage to set up the array? That profound skill requires a high level of mental power and innate talent!”

While everyone was in a daze, Huang Yueli pulled out a dagger from her waist.

“Don’t stay in a daze! Charge and kill the enemy! If you miss this chance and can’t earn any military merits, don’t blame me for it!”

“Ah… Yes!”

The soldiers suddenly woke up from their stupor and all of them drew out their weapons and charged at the devils!

The demon tribe had the advantage in terms of numbers, but during the sudden attack earlier, dozens of devil soldiers exploded right on the spot and more than twenty of them were injured. Those remaining devil soldiers who were not injured were shocked by this sudden turn of events and had not come back to their senses.

Some of the timid ones had already turned around to flee!

Morale was the most important thing when two armies went into a battle.

The human soldiers saw the demon tribe taking such a big disadvantage and their fighting spirit instantly ignited. All of them shouted and chased after the devils!

“Stand there! Don’t run!”

“How dare you sneak an attack on our granary! Pay with your lives!”

With a “whoosh”, the human soldiers who ran the fastest brandished their broadsword and slashed at the devils!

The devils were not to be outdone and immediately counter-attacked.

Both parties’ weapons clashed and a loud “crack” was heard.

Several cracks appeared on the devil soldiers’ cutlass after just one clash!

Moreover, those cracks were continuing to spread towards the sides. It only took a few breaths when it shattered into several parts in front of everyone’s shocked gazes!

This scene was just too abrupt. No matter if it was the devils or humans, none of them could respond in time at all!

All of them looked dully at the broken devil soldier’s cutlass…

It wasn’t uncommon for the enemy’s swords to be damaged by the other party. But this was just one clash, and it shattered like this…

“Why are you still in a daze? The devils are about to run away! Get every single one of them and don’t let any of them escape! We must annihilate all of them!” Huang Yueli’s cold and clear voice sounded behind them.

The human soldiers came to their senses and hurriedly gave chase!

The two parties’ soldiers fought fiercely at close quarters.

Team 3’s human soldiers quickly discovered that the damage on the devil soldier’s weapons was not just a coincidence. The reason was because of the extremely solid Spirit Armament in their hands!

On the surface, the batch of weapons that Huang Yueli had given them might seem like ordinary standardized weapons.

But after using it, they realized that these weapons’ attack power was much higher by 20% if they were to compare it with other lower grade Spirit Armaments. Moreover, it was extremely hard. When the same grade Spirit Armaments clashed, it would only take two or three strikes to make the other weapon fall apart completely!

With such a powerful Spirit Armament supporting them, each human soldier’s battle power had a significant increase.

The devil soldiers couldn’t hold them back and suffered defeat after defeat. One by one, they fell to the ground.