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Chapter 3058: Triumph in the First Battle (1)

Huang Yueli led the 43 people in her team and set off towards the campsite in the southeast direction.

The mission that her Team 3 received, was to guard one of the granaries there.

Although the granary was on the rear side of the campsite, Huang Yueli’s team did not need to face the demon tribe’s major forces. However, she knew clearly that this was a very important mission.

The demon tribe would most likely send out a team to sneak an attack on the granary.

As long as they cut off their food supplies, no matter how high Li Yukun’s commanding skills were, he also wouldn’t be able to turn around a hopeless situation.

The minute Huang Yueli reached the place, she arranged for all the soldiers to hide in various positions around the granary.

As for herself, she didn’t hide. Instead, she walked around to inspect the surrounding defense arrays around the granary.

“This is indeed the defense arrays which are set up by the allied armies’ Array Masters. They are so meticulous…”

Huang Yueli took a brief look and realized that the defense array in God Realm was slightly different from Soaring Heavens Continent. Through the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, it was used much more efficiently which gave a sharp increase of the array’s might.

But she was still dissatisfied. She thought for a moment and took out some materials from her interspatial ring. Then she proceeded to make some modifications to the arrays.

Just as she had completed the modifications and was just standing up, she heard a shuffle of hurried footsteps.

“Team Leader Li, the demon.. demon tribe has appeared!” A soldier hurriedly called out to remind her.

Huang Yueli nodded and hid behind a haystack. “Everyone, wait for my order…”

Everyone held their breaths and held tightly to their new weapons as they waited anxiously for the devils to come closer to them.

The small team of devils in the forest finally appeared. A majority of the soldiers all sucked in a breath of cold air when they saw them!

Because there was a huge number of devils who came to sneak an attack on the granary! From what they could see, there were at least 100 of them! The number of the enemy was more than double of theirs!

This was simply out of their expectations because before this, the demon tribe had never sent anyone to attack their granary. This time, Li Yukun decided to send Huang Yueli to lead Team 3 over for precaution’s sake.

No one expected the demon tribe to bring so many people with them this time!

Contrary to the soldiers’ anxiety, Huang Yueli was extremely calm.

She said sharply in a low voice, “Stay calm! Shut your mouths right now!”

The soldiers hurriedly lowered their heads, not daring to make a single sound. But they were felt extremely frightened.

“There are so many devils and we’re here with a Team Leader who hasn’t gone on the battlefield… No matter how much we think, I think we’re goners for sure!”

The devils were even nearer to the granary by now.

“Haha, Lord Ruize is right. There’s indeed no one guarding this granary! Let’s hurry up and move these food supplies back!”

“There’s quite a lot of food supplies here. Are we able to move it all back?”

“If we can’t finish moving it, then let’s set it on fire!”

“Alright, let’s do that!”

The few devil soldiers were discussing this softly and were fighting to rush over!

But when they were a few steps away from the haystack, a “boom” sound suddenly rang and explosive energy rose from under their feet!

Those devil soldiers who ran in front were caught off guard, and they were sent flying from the explosion!

Not only so, but more than twenty devils were also directly injured as they fell to the ground.

In an instance, the demon tribe’s formation was disrupted.

Those human soldiers who hid behind the haystack were totally stunned.