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Chapter 3060: Triumph in the First Battle (3)

This time, the human soldiers excitedly chased after the devils.

“Wonderful, it’s simply wonderful! This is the first time I’m chasing after the demon tribe on the battlefield! These devil soldiers aren’t our match at all!”

“That’s right. The Spirit Armaments that Team Leader Li gave us is simply amazing! Did you see how shocked those devils were?”

“Hahaha, I’ve already gotten three pieces of devil stones! I can exchange them for more than 100 military merits!”

“What? You’ve already got three? I only have two! No way, that devil is mine. You’re not allowed to snatch him from me!!”

The human soldiers were ferocious and aggressive, as they chased and encircled the devil soldiers, leaving them no place to run.

In the eyes of the human soldiers, those devil soldiers weren’t the enemy on the battlefield. They were moving military merits!

Team 3’s soldiers were unstoppable and had already driven those devils back into the forest.

But just at this moment, a series of miserable cries were heard coming from the forest. A few human soldiers covered in blood fell from the back of a big tree.

The soldiers had a shock and subconsciously stopped.

“Wh… What’s going on?”

“Don’t these soldiers have no way to fight back anymore? How did you guys get injured?”

The injured soldiers trembled as they pointed to the back of a big tree. Stammering, they said, “There’s… there’s an… Earth…”

Before they could finish their sentence, a tall figure jumped out from the depths of the forest. It’s a powerful Earth Devil!

When he appeared, he showed a sinister and vicious smile.

“Ho ho, humans are indeed devious creatures! You actually set up an ambush at the granary! But just based on you, lowly things, I can crush all of you with one hand! Just wait to be turned into blood pills! Ha ha ha ha!!”

The Earth Devil sneered maliciously as he walked nearer to them.

The human soldiers showed terrified expressions and all of them started to retreat!

“Earth Devil… this devil team actually has an Earth Devil!”

“Oh no, oh no! Brother Zheng isn’t here. None of us is this Earth Devil’s match!”

“Could it be that we are destined to die here… the granary… we can’t protect it?”

The human soldiers were stunned and some of them even turned around and planned to escape.

The devil soldiers’ morale increased dramatically! They started to turn things around and chased right after the humans.

All of the human soldiers were devastated because they felt that they were going to die here today!

In the past, their previous Team Leader’s ability wasn’t too bad, and he could kill a few Earth Devils. But now, after he died in battle, Team 3’s only Dream Profound Realm practitioner was Zheng Yichuan!

Now that Zheng Yichuan wasn’t in the team, the other practitioners’ abilities were all under the tenth stage realm.

Moreover, even if it was Zheng Yichuan, he couldn’t kill an Earth Devil as well!

The only thing they could do to survive now was to escape back to the granary and use the defense arrays to ward off the devils for some time. When the other teams passed by, they would be saved!

Everyone had the same thinking in mind and fought to run back towards the granary.

At this moment, Huang Yueli sat on the haystack as she was twirling a rice straw while feeling bored.

Earlier, the allied armies were on the advantage. But she had no intention to charge and kill those devils.

These were just ordinary devil soldiers. Moreover, a large majority of them were low leveled devil soldiers. They weren’t worth many military merits at all.