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Chapter 3057: Just a Good-For-Nothing (5)

It was something that ordinary soldiers like them could not afford even if they spent their entire lives saving money.

But Huang Yueli casually distributed it to them for use!

Evidently, this Spirit Armament couldn’t possibly be claimed from the campsite’s Supplies Station, but was something that Huang Yueli had been saving up!

Their Team Leader… was actually this rich!

Hearing their gasps, Huang Yueli’s expression remained indifferent.

“It’s just a few pieces of ordinary Spirit Armaments. There’s no need to be so shocked over it. As long as you listen to my orders, when we earn a huge amount of military merits, there will be plenty of advantages! Alright, listen to my command!”

Huang Yueli gave her order and the soldiers instantly went silent. All of them were quietly listening to her, and not becoming disorderly.

Although the soldiers originally weren’t convinced with Huang Yueli, they weren’t a bunch of fools as well.

Anyone who could bring out so many Spirit Armaments was definitely not an ordinary person.

Perhaps their Team Leader had a strong background and was something that they could not afford to offend!

Everyone listened and abided to the few orders that Huang Yueli conveyed, and she nodded her head satisfactorily.

She had merely refined standardized Spirit Armaments. Moreover, to increase its efficiency, she had done some simplifications to all the Spirit Armaments. The quality of these, as compared with those that she had refined in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, was much inferior.

Just using these weapons could make the soldiers listen to her, so Huang Yueli felt that this deal was very reasonable.

But she also knew that just based on a few Spirit Armaments, it was not enough to convince these subordinates. The most important thing was to speak with her ability.

Huang Yueli completed the arrangements and left the campsite with her team members.

On the other hand, Zheng Yichuan led six of his teammates out. They were currently hiding behind the tree shade, secretly spying on Huang Yueli and the others.

A soldier beside him walked over and whispered, “Brother Zheng, are we really going to leave the team and take action alone? If… If Team Leader Li were to pursue this issue, how are we going explain our actions?”

“As long as we establish military merit, are you afraid that he will blame us? Perhaps that brat Li fellow might not return from the battlefield today! Haven’t we already heard about this? That lad had never been on the battlefield, and this time, he accidentally landed in the demon tribe’s control area! If we are to follow this kind of fellow, will we be able to survive? Don’t you wish to earn military merits?” Zheng Yichuan said angrily.

The other soldiers also spoke up in agreement, “Isn’t that so? My relative is working in the Supplies Station and he told me that Team Leader Li didn’t collect a single Spirit Armament when he went to collect the resources yesterday. He changed everything into medicinal pills! Is he trying to kill all of us or what? Without backup Spirit Armaments, how are we going to fight against the demon tribe?”

“That’s right! He’s simply taking our lives as a joke! Does he think that this is an arena tournament? If we don’t have any backup Spirit Armaments after it is damaged, we will only be waiting to be slain by the demon tribe on the battlefield!”

Zheng Yichuan said, “Luckily I’ve already made preparations after I heard of the news. I found ways to get some backup Spirit Armaments! At least it’s enough for the few of us! The others want to follow Li Yuehuang then let them be! I want to see how are they going to fight against the devils without any backup Spirit Armaments!”

Hearing that, some soldiers, who were a little hesitant initially, made up their minds.

“From the looks of this, it is much safer to follow Zheng Yichuan instead!”