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Chapter 3020 Join Hands (2)

Huang Yueli pondered over this for a short while, stood up, and was just about to leave when she suddenly heard a shuffle of footsteps from a distance away.

Moreover, someone was talking.

Huang Yueli hurriedly retreated and shrank her body to hide behind a bush.

Not long after, she saw two demon tribe practitioners walking out from a corner.

Seeing that, Huang Yueli silently creased her brows.

“Oh my goodness, this is indeed the demon tribe’s turf! Moreover, there are apparently several paths which could lead to this place. I’m just now familiar with the topography.”

“Luckily I woke up just in time. If I woke up two hours later, I’d probably have bumped into these two demon tribe practitioners!”

Huang Yueli changed to another position which allowed her to see those two demon tribes’ looks clearly.

Their builds were much taller than ordinary humans, and their skin color was darker. Furthermore, their faces had dark red veins. She wondered if those were inborn birthmarks or if those were drawn on their faces after.

The two of them walked to the side of the swamp and exchanged a look.

“Recently, Lord Ruize is going to advance into Sky Devil end-phase rank and he needs even more blood pills than before. But we haven’t had desirable outcomes in the recent attacks in Blessed City. The humans are already prepared and their defenses are extremely tight. Not only did we not manage to capture more humans, we even lost several devil soldiers.”

“I heard of it too. Those god clans sent some people to support them. That White Tiger Clan’s Jing something killed a number of our compatriots in the prison the last time. And now, he’s stationed in Blessed City! How are we going to explain to Lord Ruize now?”

“But our luck isn’t too bad. We managed to attack a number of them in the light sphere during yesterday’s ambush! I heard that we captured a few god clan practitioners!”


“That’s of course. I heard that Lord Ruize was very happy and he gave a handsome reward to the ambush team! Those of us who are responsible for searching also need to work harder. If we can find all the missing humans and god clan practitioners, we might receive merit.”

“That’s right, we also need to work hard! Right, yesterday I saw a human practitioner fall into the swamp. I wonder if that person has fallen into it or not. I can tell that his cultivation isn’t too bad. If we bring him back, we can refine him into a blood pill.”

“Really? Why didn’t I see him? Why are we wasting time here talking? Let’s hurry up and scoop him out!”

The two immediately took action. Two long forks appeared in their hands out of nowhere and they poked it into the swamp and mixed it around.

Shortly after, they dragged out an extremely decomposed corpse and a terrible stench immediately circulated.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help pinching her nose, as she felt extremely disgusted.

So, this swamp was so stinky because a lot of corpses were buried in it! Just thinking of it made her feel extremely disgusted. Luckily she had already climbed out of it.

The two demon tribe practitioners dug around for a long time and found another two corpses. But they were extremely disappointed.

“What’s going on? These three humans looked as though they have been dead for several days now. Moreover, their power had not even reached the eighth stage realm. They’re simply useless!”

“That’s strange. The human I saw yesterday was obviously at tenth stage realm cultivation?”

The two looked at each other in dismay.

Huang Yueli knew that they were looking for her. While she was feeling fortunate, she suddenly felt that the situation was not good.

The two of them couldn’t find her, so they would definitely guess that she had escaped!

But there was no way for her to escape in the current location where she was hidden right