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Chapter 3019 Join Hands (1)

The guard hesitated for a moment but still asked, “Lieutenant Jing, you let… let that Li Moying enter, just like that? If something happened to him and the management blames me, what should we do? There are quite a few Divine Generals in the army who are from the Cloudy Qilin Clan!”

Jing Shaoyuan’s lips curled, and he smiled coldly, “So what about that? Li Moying wanted to dig his own grave, am I able to stop him? Moreover, what advantage will I get if I manage to persuade him? Enough, let this matter rest right here! Everyone, return to your sentry posts, and don’t let me catch anyone of you going into a daze!”

“Chirp chirp, chirp chirp chirp!”

The melodious chirping from the birds rang beside her ear. Huang Yueli was shocked and abruptly opened her eyes. A wave of dizziness hit her and her vision was turning dark. It took quite a while before she finally managed to take a clear look at her surroundings.

The black smoke that appeared when she landed had dissipated.

But the surroundings still gave off a terrible stench.

She was lying in the wet mud and there were shrubs and moss nearby. The only thing was the shape of these shrubs was different from the ones that she usually saw. The leaves reflected a near-black dark green color, and it looked extremely strange.

Moreover, on the branches of one of the trees stood two crows, which were crying out to her non-stop.

It seemed that she had been awoken by their chirping.

Huang Yueli raised her head and took a look at the sky. From the direction of the sun, it should be mid-noon. But she didn’t know what day it was.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli tried hard to prop herself up from the ground. Whoever knew that when she just used her strength, she realized that the slippery mud under her suddenly fell downwards.

She hurriedly stopped her action.

“Damn it! This place is a swamp!” Huang Yueli frowned and she felt scared. “I wonder how did I land in such a place! Luckily, I didn’t suffocate to death in this swamp!”

Luckily Huang Yueli had accumulated a lot of experience during experience learning trips. So even when she met with this kind of dangerous topography, she wasn’t nervous at all.

She knew that in order to stop herself from falling into a deeper place, the most important thing is to maintain a flat position. In this way, the amount of energy impacted on the swampland would be minimized and her safety would be guaranteed.

Huang Yueli carefully tested and climbed out.

As her feet landed on the solid ground, it felt so great that Huang Yueli almost shed tears of gratitude.

“I wonder how this swamp formed. It’s so stinky. Moreover, I wonder if it’s my misperception. There seems to be a faint blood stench smell from the surroundings…”

Huang Yueli touched her long hair which was filled with dirty mud but couldn’t be bothered to clean herself up. She could only bear with this stench.

“This place is really too strange, I should leave this place as soon as possible!”

Although she thought that way, Huang Yueli didn’t immediately take action.

The reason being she was unable to verify her current location right now.

The exterior area of Blessed City was the place where humans and the demon tribe were engaged in an intense battle. Moreover, she fell because of the demon tribe’s attack. So it was highly possible that she was in the demon tribe’s control area right now.

If she ran about recklessly, there would be big trouble if she was discovered by the demon tribe.